Planetary Invasions

I am kinda late, but I think if the game want to be realistic, then there coms a problem. Microbes. They are everywhere. Let’s say that you are an agressive alien and you want to take countrol over a planet, which is full with life. You kill the main species (the most advanced one) and you go to the surface an then, all of your warriors die. You realised that there is virus, which you never met before. And then you die too from dangerous virus, actually, that was your biggest enemy.
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War of the Worlds fan, eh?

Theres always a simple solution to those darn microbes, and that solution is a bio suit my friend. Logic wins over brawn.

I was thinking about spies, who will give you samples from the planet (those spies will be corrupt guys, who hate their lives or something like that) and then you scientist will make expriments with the microbes, buuuut bio-suits must be a lot simpler (and cheaper) way:D I am not the smartest pigeon, obviosly.

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Its fine, you don’t have to be Stephen Hawking to enjoy Thrive. If you see above, my intentions for planetary invasion are much more malicious.


Yeah, you are right (Rest in peace, Hawking :frowning: ).

Oh, necro time. A solution to this might be making grey goo and sending it to a planet with instructions to deconstruct artificial structures and kil all native sentient life forms and then self destruct (or you could also program it to build a colony for future repopulation. You just send a small scout ship, launch a pod at the planet, and let it take care of itself from there. Then your species comes back with a colony ship and populates the now empty of sentient life planet.


Why not at that point create Von Neumann probes, I feel like that would be easier and less genocide-y

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And throwing a planet ending asteroid at a planet is less genocidy? Plus you can’t use it after (well you might but it won’t have an ecosystem anymore.

…That’s not Von Neumann probes. The idea is that you create a robot with 3 tasks: make the environment ecologically viable for the mother species, replicate itself, and spread to surrounding planets. This way you can create an exponentially growing amount of possible planets, without having to put in too much effort after creating them.

Yes I read it which made me confused on how that was related to invading planets but it’s essentially grey goo but not murderous. Also I didn’t want to have genocide options, I want domination through conquest but hey, getting land craft onto a planet seem almost impossible (if the species has AA).

My plan, beside making the lizard-illuminati-theory a realiy, is to create a gas that only my own specie can survive in. Launch it towards a planet I want control of. The gas would also spread and sooner or later it would have more or less recreated my homeworld climate… Climate crisis solved :smile:

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I saw in one conversation a discussion about how we can use bacteria for our own purposes in later stages. If it adds to the game, it just has to be a murder through the epidemic.
P.s. sorry for my english.

It has been four months. Stop.

Hey there, trying to spark up conversations in old-ish threads people may brush through by only checking “most recent”.

It only takes a couple of steps to invade. The way I see it, defending is harder, but invading is more expensive.

First step: learn your target’s weakness. This is another species, they might be heavily reliant on fossil fuels, or heat generators or something.

Second step: think of a way to strike at their weakness. A big part of the planet relies on generators? EMP blasts. They rely on instant telecommunication? Cut it down. No communication, no coordination, no organization.

Third step: finish them off with the method of your choosing.

What do you all think?

OmnipotentFNarr, i think that’s a good idea, also, i think that the number of planets you have would determine if you can invade a planet easely or not.

I think, that in space stage will be some soft of galactic union. That will have code of laws. If you want be a pirate, than you can do all that you want. But you will have many enemies ( like police), your friends - other pirates. If you want be decent in eyes of space police - you must comply with these laws (have no any invasions and other, I think you will can do these laws).
I wanted to do without intrusions, but I like it even more! :smile: