Planetary Invasions

(Birds are the best, duh) #21

I am kinda late, but I think if the game want to be realistic, then there coms a problem. Microbes. They are everywhere. Let’s say that you are an agressive alien and you want to take countrol over a planet, which is full with life. You kill the main species (the most advanced one) and you go to the surface an then, all of your warriors die. You realised that there is virus, which you never met before. And then you die too from dangerous virus, actually, that was your biggest enemy.
Also, sorry for my english.

(OrganismOverlord) #22

War of the Worlds fan, eh?

Theres always a simple solution to those darn microbes, and that solution is a bio suit my friend. Logic wins over brawn.

(Birds are the best, duh) #23

I was thinking about spies, who will give you samples from the planet (those spies will be corrupt guys, who hate their lives or something like that) and then you scientist will make expriments with the microbes, buuuut bio-suits must be a lot simpler (and cheaper) way:D I am not the smartest pigeon, obviosly.

(OrganismOverlord) #24

Its fine, you don’t have to be Stephen Hawking to enjoy Thrive. If you see above, my intentions for planetary invasion are much more malicious.

(Birds are the best, duh) #25

Yeah, you are right (Rest in peace, Hawking :frowning: ).