(Playermade) Thrive Trees of Life

For a good week now, I’ve been creating a ‘Tree of Life’ for my current Thrive game, and posting an updated version onto the Community Discord after every 1000 Myrs (although I plan to shorten it to 500 Myrs).
And then I thought It would be a nice idea to start sharing my progress on here also for those who may not be in the Community Discord for many different reasons.
Oh, and you can also share your own Trees of Life here as well if you so wish to.
Or you can just watch as I descend into madness :smiley:.

Anyways, here is the most recent version of my Tree of Life!

Oh, and before I end this post off, if you have and ideas/recommendations/criticisms on how I can improve my Tree of Life, then don’t hesitate to tell me!


Also made an easier to read Geological Timescale along with translations were I could fit them.
Translations for current Archaíapróimizoí Periods:
Anáptyxian = ‘Growth’
Megáliexafánisi = ‘Great Extinction’

This is VERY extensive! Where do you think the species with no traceable ancestor came from?

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Well, Primum Larius, Ecapsis and Varales of course would have evolved from one of the many other branches from the Primum species, although which one I don’t know atm.

As for Aton Isin, Cerepsis Lehin, Ububdata Chupin, Ocite Luster and Rhicanus Cyera, I have the foggiest idea what their ancestor species was/is.

The auto-evo report should always say which species split for a new species to emerge.

Oh yes, I do use the auto-evo report now. Its just that when I started this ‘little’ project I kinda forgot the auto-evo report existed and used the timeline instead (and used them together till the timeline broke).
All other species from 1400 Myr that don’t have a traceable ancestor have just been overlooked as I scroll at tad too fast sometimes to even see a new species has evolved/split.


Aaannnnnddddddd its done!
After finally getting the Thrive logo and Disturbance onto r/place, then taking a small rest, I have at last made it to 3500 Myr on my current Thrive game.
(Make sure to open the original image to see everything proper)