Playing as a corporation

Its like evolution, but with products. You design them and see how they survive in the free market. There are some parallels.

Organism editor => Product editor
Population size => Profits
Other organisms => Rival company products
Natural disasters => Tarifs and embargos
Transhumanism => Leaving one sector and starting business in another sector
Ascencion => Making a coup and becoming a goverment

The goal is becoming a monopoly. This could be a minigame. A playable part of the game you normally interact with from the outside as a goverment.


it maybe could be fun actually

I like this idea, it’s really creative! It sort of reminds me of those Plague Inc. scenarios where instead of engineering and spreading a disease you do something else like spreading an idea, getting people to vote for your political party or sell your product. The big problem I see with this idea though is that it would take quite a bit of development time for something that didn’t really contribute to Thrive’s main goal. Maybe it could be implemented if Thrive is ever finished.

It could be interesting to make a thread dedicated to discussing ideas that would only be implemented after Thrive’s completion.


The way I’m reading this makes i seem like this could become a very fun mod. I dont quite see this in the base game.

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That would be almost everything discussed on these forums…


that’s more analogous to migration also there would be:
space => putting your products and stores onto space stations and other planets,
ascension => turning an entire planet into a store