Pokémon Gold Beta LEAKED

Somehow, somewhere, someone leaked a prototype for the sequel of Game Freak’s 1996 hit classics.

Naturally, the Internet is having a field day with what’s been found.


Here’s a link to the cutting floor, where you can download the demo to play yourself and find a list of everything that was cut out of the final game: https://tcrf.net/Proto:Pokémon_Gold_and_Silver


No thank you. I don’t play Pokemon.

Well, that’s what posting this in “Not Thrive” is for.


The comparison is great :joy:

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Welp, looks like people’ve found out what the Ruins of Alph are suppose to be.

In the beta, there is no “Johto Region.” The game spans a fictional version of Japan, with Kanto being compressed into a single city.

Guess where the Ruins of Alph happen to be?



hang on, if the ruins of alph are Hiroshima then whats Nagasaki?

What the f

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Are Unowns ghost-type? This would credit that theory even more significantly, but my passing knowledge of Pokemon, alas, does not go that deep.

Actually, they’re psychic-types (even though the single move they can learn can only be psychic-type based on RNG genetics).