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I feel sad about it, because it’s lying about someone only to “justify” an ideology. It seems people forget how important truth is and that some people are trying to destroy democracy by lying, manipulating, saying bulls**topolitical lies, etc. These people are heretics. Let’s punish them!
I remember that when I was a kid, a social worker told me most of the genious were autistic-like (asperger, etc.). And I trusted her. But since I heard someone saying that Leonardo Da Vinci was g@y (in fact, there is no reliable source, from what I’ve learnt, it started by a left-wing social worker who wrote a book about him [which was unreliable, because he’s not a historian and he’s saying a thing without any proof]), I stopped trusting social workers about that kind of stuff. We lied to me only to make me feel comfortable and to justify a corrupt left ideology. I really wonder if social workers are told, at university, to lie to their patient. The problem with some left activist (some LGBTQ members, some random people on the internet, some people who are jealous of PewDiePie, some “game journalists”, some actors/actresses, etc.), it’s either they are lying, living in the lie or making propaganda. In fact, that can happen to right activists as well. It’s just that as soon as a right activist argues with a left one, the left one just ban reports that person for hatespeech sake or even call the police for that! We are supposed to live in a democracy. Such a behavior should be punished. No wonder why I’m watching right activist speaking, I’ve seen no center activist talking on a youtube channel or something like that, and nearly all I see is left left left left! Enough! I want to see every opinion! It’s boring to hear the same thing all over again. I’m tired of hearing left opinion and social justice warrior stuff. I want to see everything. EVERYTHING! AND NO PROPAGANDA! NYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Sorry, I think I’m starting to lose my mind. But it’s so overwhelming to hear the same point of view over and over again, especially if there are cheaters in the game (ban or arrest opponent, for instance).
I think society might be based on Turret syndrome (yeah I know it’s Tourette and not Turret, but it’s funny like that).

If you are saying that just because there’s a debate going on about someone it has to mean that at least one part lies, then I can’t agree with you. If they are politicians then yes, since they all lie to some extent, they are no journalists. If they on the other hand are anything else, then it’s very possible gossip but it’s also possible that there’s no gossip.

What scares me is this “corrupt mainstream media lies, I must do my own research about things, I must find the truth so I can punish those who are wrong! I am my own journalist!” It simply creates a “we against them” mentality on a whole other level. A level that has proven dangerous to democracy since it in itself justifies prejudice and conspiracies not to mention that this mentality will always hinder science. If you see yourself or anyone else/some other group in society as the “one and only true” news source then you have effectively killed the whole debate. I can’t debate with someone who already decided to be “the sole harbinger of truth” because they will never compromise with me. I like to believe that politics is all about being able to make comprimises, but since I will never be able to prove that one I won’t force that thought onto someone else. I won’t punish you for not thinking like me, that’s basically very dangerous and you know why.

In politics you can never prove something, there’s no “right or wrong”, very similar to religion. If you choose to believe in an ideology then you will undoubtly be selective in your search. We all have some kind of moral, some kind of compass to guide us trough life and to help us in decision making. I don’t view gun-supporters for instance as “extremists” even if society as a whole might do that, they surely have their reasons to support it.

Something that is left for you may be right for me. Seriously, I live in Sweden and we actually have some fossils in our parliament. We both have a former communist party and a right populist party with roots in the neo-nazi movement. For the most part however, we are percieved to be a general social democratic country by the outside world. I see nothing wrong in that and no, there’s no corruption going on here I can tell you that much. Fact is, Sweden is at her economic peak at the moment.

The world is however on it’s way down an economic recession at the moment so I wish politicans good luck in making people content… They will need it, especially if they haven’t got a favourable opinion among said people. :grin:

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I haven’t written all that only because some people are sayling balloney about Leonardo Da Vinci. I’m saying that some leftists (especially social workers from what I’ve seen) try to justify their ideology by lying about someone (like Leonardo). I’m also saying that many far/leftists are lying. I might have not said I wanted to mean by “the left is lying”. I was trying to say that, since leftists don’t really let rightists speak (especially on social media), therefore rightists can’t lie much since they can’t always freely speak their mind. True, some rightists may speak more about the truth, but it doesn’t mean that they all say the truth (especially current US president, he always lies, lol). The same can be said on the left, but it seems there are more leftists, so it is only logical to assume there are more liars among them, since they outnumbers rightists (maybe I’m wrong about the numbers, I’m only speaking from what I’ve seen so far). There is no good side.

What do you mean by “gossip”?

Yes, it scares me too. And this is why I don’t watch mainstream media so much.

I don’t. There are liars everywhere. It’s just that I see less rightists than leftists, thus I see “less liars” among them. If there are 10 rightists and 100 leftists (kinda exaggerated I know), there are probably more liars among leftists than among rightists, since they outnumbers them. But liars exist in both sides.

Sweden is a very democratic country, indeed.

I wish that too, but I want them not to lie too much (utopia lol).

I hope also there will be more center activists, they have grown rare.

My quote which you responded to was an example of what people can say. I didn’t express my own opinion, but what I experience that many people think about mainstream media. People think that mainstream media is lying, that is what scares me.

With “gossip” I basically mean lies.

Yeah, I just noticed the quotes didn’t finish right after “corrupt mainstream media lies”. I only consider some channels more likely to be corrupt or just not being very professional ([by “not being very professional”, I mean that the said media is telling its opinion instead of telling information or that it doesn’t have good enough source of information {like inviting an artist instead of inviting a political expert/politologue while speaking of politics}] examples : Fox News, LCN, totalitarian countries’ media, etc.). I generally trust a bit more CNN and CBC (or RDI in french) than the previously mentioned ones. But as soon as they talk about their opinion or about pseudo-political groups (I don’t know how to call them, they are not parties, but they are groups that want political influence), I stop watching (my father is generally the one watching news, which is another reason why I only watch news occasionally).

I never seriously said that I wanted to punish the “wrong ones”. I was joking, lol.

That was a joke.

That was more serious. It’s not because the left one is wrong that he/she should be punished. That person should punished for trying to arrest someone who’s just speaking his/her mind. We shouldn’t be arrested just for arguing or saying what we think.

I don’t think so. I think it’s an internationally recognized political notion, but I’m not sure. If someone wants to clarify it out, feel free to do so. It might bring something I don’t know.

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Ye, I generally agree with what you are saying.

Just for your information; Fox News is, as far as I know, not considered “mainstream media” but please do correct me if I am wrong. What I consider being mainstream is for example SVT here in Sweden, the state subsided channels. Just because they are owned by the state does not by any means mean that they would be bad, quite the opposite in fact. Again, feel free to correct me but I think that CNN may be considered public service in USA (that would make it state owned)?

Privately owned business may see in their best interest to “censor” certain opinions/ideas that risk to harm the number of viewers. Fox News is a typical example.

You are perfectly correct in that it’s an international notion. I would however also say that it’s a bit more complicated than that. Let’s take the Democratic party in the USA for example. I bet that most people in the states view the Democrats as being “at the left of the Republicans”. Now let us compare the democratic party with our “Moderaterna” party in Sweden. I would say that the American Democratic party is “at the right side of the Moderaterna”.

I don’t have a picture of the American parliament in my head so I don’t know if it even is anything to the left of the Democrats but if I would go to the far left end of our parliament here in Sweden then I would end up on the aforementioned communist party which I of course does not want to compare anything to since it would neither serve any greater purpose nor be a fair thing to do.

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