Possible changes to stages

This is thread where you can make objections against currently planned stage system.

Well, Imma write some of mine objections in here.

  1. Problem with macroscopic multiccelular stage
    If you look at it, the largest thing that separates late multicell from aware is development of brains and behaviours. Meanwhile, early and late multicellular have a lot less in common:
    -early multicell is 2d and late is 3d
    -in early multicell you modify your cells and in late multicell, tissues (and macroscopic also has metaballs that feel rather different from 2D cells)
    -The “Become macroscopic” button also makes the two parts of multicell more separated
    -Multicellular stage in it’s current state contains too different groups of organisms, that could range from simple 2-celled organisms to complex starfish-like ones.
    Now, we have 4 options:
    a) Make stages remain in same state as before
    b)Turn Macroscopic multicellular substage into it’s own stage, making Thrive have 8 stages. This new stage could be called as “Unaware” or “Macroscopic”
    c)Macroscopic Multicell and Aware stages would merge, leaving early multicell as it’s own multicellular stage and turning aware and late multicell into single “macroscopic” stage
    d)Merge current multicell stage with aware stage, making Thrive have 6 stages. The new merged stage would remain as the “Multicellular stage”.

  2. Society and industrial stages could be merged
    I mean, they wouldn’t probably be different much in terms of gameplay, so they could be merged then i guess?

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Its useless to complain about macroscopic and multicell when they’re still prototypes
Also, transitions are meant to be as seamless as possible, merging stages or changing their name or adding a new stage is very pointless


Well, as of now no transition between stages exist, also if stages are meant to be this symbolic then why do even even differentiate them?

Just so that people can talk about “society stage” ideas versus “space stage” ideas. The stages are just labels for thinking about one part of the game at once.

Our wiki already has the multicellular split into early and late “substages”. If we wanted to we could call prokaryotic and eukaryotic their own stages as well. Check that for example to see how smooth the stage switch can be.

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