Possible Evolution Paths

This is something that I have been thinking about ever since I saw y’all wanted species to evolve alongside the player. What if your species had a group split off from the one you were a part of and then over time they become a new species that evolved into whatever niche it had moved into. Because this happened even to us humans albeit not for long enough to make a new species. But our skin color did indeed change to better blend in to our surroundings.


That would be great !

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I think adding in genetic variation to your own species would be nice. So it doesnt look like every member of your species is a clone of one another like in Spore. They should differ slightly in size, skin/fur/feather pattern, color. Maybe even some facial features? Or maybe thats getting too complex to randomly generate new faces of a species that you designed to have certain facial features. That might not work out well, like clicking the randomize button in CAS–YIKES

The thing is humans don’t really have that different of faces but we have evolved to be able to tell the minute differences apart. Consider this, cubs or any offspring have at least one way to distinguish their mother/caretaker from the others in the pack/herd. This can be done by sounds, fur paterns, scent, etc. The point is that to us we don’t know the difference but to the species it matters greatly. So to add a randomizer for details would not be a very worthwhile investment of the dev’s already limited resources as the species we play would only care about our own kind’s individual variation. However, things like albinos and the other genetic mutations are part of evolution and would be nice to see implemented.