Possible late game total conversion mods

Let’s fantasize theorize about possible total conversion mods for Thrive
Daughters of sol
Inspired by this artpiece
The planets are premade and events too, you are able to choose and go through one and evolve. Animals are evolved just like in thrive. Having same or maybe a bit diffrent stages. Including late game content, but ends with conquering the sol system.
Maybe then main playerbase are low spec users and earth or alternate history entusiants.
Post apocalypse evolution
Takes place on earth after the complete extinction of humans and you choose your animal that survived the mans apocalypse and evolve it throughout the post-apocaliptic earth.


Volcanic Life
Yeah so thermoplasts but in volcano and now you are in Volcano because you are munching on plants with thermoplasts… because volcano.

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I have another idea. Sorry that I didn’t post much as of late
last and first men
Takes place in an alternate history in the 1950 or 1940 and later takes places (if you don’t do well or maybe even have a scripted war or something?)
Maybe if you want to skip the evolution you’ll be able to choose canonical timestamps from the book.
Oh and ofcourse if you regress too far you’ll have to evolve back the sapience or I dunno.
Oh and the main plan is to advance farter enough to to escape the sol system. Or achieve enlightment in a non (thirve) vanilla way.