Post-game simulating

so here is just an idea of something that could be implemented after the game is pretty much done. So i thought about the possibility for the option to simulate the planet after you go extinct. That way if you fucked up in the aware stage then you can see other species that relates to your lineage and you could for example see that they eventually end up as the dominating species, so you can get the feeling of even though you lost, you contributed to a species getting advanced. Just an idea though. should be implemented? idk, as i said. An idea, not a must


I don’t know. What if you have an already ascended game /save where you could load extinctions.

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If you go extinct you will transfer to your most closely related species

This could be added. I’ve been thinking about adding a similar feature. I’d call it something like aquarium mode or something. It would basically let you “play” the game in spectator mode and just see what’s going on.


That sounds a bit like Sim Earth. I suspect this mode would be very popular with some Youtubers. There are many channels that make timelapses of Paradox games, and I’m sure timelapses of Thrive would receive attention also.


“Premius Thrivius did WHAT on the 3rd rock from Sol!?”
Jokes aside, I like this idea. Being able to watch lifeforms evolve without having to compete with a human player (humans will always have an advantage over AI’s) sounds interesting.
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