Problem whit my nucleus

Problem whit the nucleus i cant unlock the organel when i add a nucleus
Then i rebutet my system and thene i cant add a nucleus

I’m struggling to figure out what exactly your problem is. Here’s how the nucleus should work:

  • Some organelles are initially locked.
  • Place a nucleus.
  • Locked organelles become unlocked and nucleus becomes locked, since you can only place one nucleus.

What part of that is going wrong for you?

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I cant place even one

I whas just a citoplazam and a cuple proteins

The nucleus is a large setup in terms of evolution. And as such it takes 70 Mutation Points (out of your 100 MP) to place the nucleus.
And another thing is that the cost of any organelle is never below 30 MP (usually 40 +). Of course this means that you’d need to make sure your little guy can produce enough energy to last another generation with the nucleus before you can start adding the new organelles you’ve unlocked.

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I had 100 pints and i cant still aded but now i whas plaing the game and it only dosent work on 0.5.8 good thing that it works on 0.5.9 ik the nucleus coat 100 mutation points it always did