Procedural Animation and Coding Sources

I wasn’t sure if there was another post like this, but I occasionally stumble across a tech demo, video, or paper on coding/simulation feats which cover topics in the general stratosphere of Thrive. For example, a paper regarding ways a food web can be coded, or a way to simulate erosion/plate tectonics.

Now obviously it isn’t as simple as looking at a paper, copying some code and pasting it in Godot, but nonetheless I think there is no loss from a greater amount of knowledge. So I wanted to start a thread in that vein where the community can share pieces of coding that might overlap with planned features of Thrive.

Here’s a simulation of plant growth that I found which simulates the evolution of an ecosystem’s forests and shrubbery: Simulating A Virtual World…For A Thousand Years! 🤯 - YouTube


Looks really intresting. I remember someone making a thread long time ago. I’m not sure where it’s gone.