Profile picture can be buggy at times


Case in point.


That has been happening to me a lot. It seems to be very random though


If you want me to look into it you need to give me the image URL that failed to load, and also tell me if you open that in a new tab if it worked or not.

In CDN logs I see about 40 request errors on some days, and on some days there are 0 errors.
I haven’t myself seen any broken avatars on this site, but those errors regularly seem to happen from Brazil and Asia, I’ve basically written them off as errors the CDN servers have requesting the data from Europe and there’s nothing really I can do, other than maybe trying to enable origin shield again but that seemed to result in even a bit higher number of error request per day.

@hhyyrylainen, your pfp is always buggy when not in the thread.

I have not seen my profile picture not load in any post list or admin action list, or in a thread.

It looks like this to me:

My avatar image URL being:
Which works perfectly fine for me. Maybe it’s time to try putting on origin shield in the CDN to see if that does anything…

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It says it can’t be displayed because it can contain errors.

That’s CDNs for you, different geographic locations access different cache servers and can see different things.
I think this is kinda discourse’s fault because it returns an empty image with “200 OK” status so the CDN caches it. I just tried purging the CDN caches.

I always assumed that was Evolution4Weak with his old full alpha pfp.