I have little programming knowledge right now but I would like to learn more so I can help with this.
How could I learn to program for this game?

If you already are familiar with one programming language (and programming in general) you should then learn: C++ and AngelScript. If you don’t know a programming language properly, yet, then you should focus first on learning to program in something like Python or JavaScript before moving to learning C++.

There are some documents describing some aspects of the thrive code here: Thrive/doc at master · Revolutionary-Games/Thrive · GitHub (there are compiling instructions here)

Other than that the only thing you can do is to jump into the thrive code and see how it works: GitHub - Revolutionary-Games/Thrive: The main repository for the development of the evolution game Thrive.

I posted some advice here as well:

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There’s more programming related help in this thread:

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