Progression from microbe to aware?

So i’m just wondering a few things about the transition, and maybe i just don’t know what these terms mean, but from how i understand it are we going to quickly transition from like a clump of multicells to a fully independent animal? I’m wondering if it has been discussed how we are going to switch from 1 microbe to litterally thousands without dragging on the game far too long?

As far as I can tell, the numbers will be toned down a small bit, like once you hit ~20 cells you can become macroscopic and begin working with tissues.

so from tissues you can form things like, sea weed, sea sponges, then fish, and progress to other stuff that made the Cambrian explosion happen?

Yes, multicellular would bring be you all the way up to the point where you evolve a brain. At that point you would probably stop designing all tissues and organs and such in your body and just sculpt(?) maybe. Not to sure about that.

it’s going to be so intresting to see if we actually start making organs or if they kinda just get assumed

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Playing the macroscopic prototype would actually answer a few of your questions.

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