Public Order / Unrest / Happiness

I will just say public order because I like that one the most. I’m assuming there will be public order since every 4x strategy ever has it and it is important to empire management. What factors do you believe should affect public order, both positively and negatively? A few of mine would be slavery and crime rate.

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Another is laws that can be hard on citizens, or just laws that are unjust for citizens.

One that I thought of is biology. So when evolving your species you get to choose the level of individualism VS cooperation, from tigers on one end to ants on the other.

Then if your species is super cooperative like ants they are very obedient and disciplined, keeping order is easy, but they are not very creative or imaginative.

However if they are like tigers they are really hard to control, but individuals will accomplish amazing things.



Ant-like = Coordinated, Stagnating
Tiger-like = Individual, Innovative

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