Python Civis Sim

Thinking of a way to make a text based civis sim in python, using a system like P.H.

any ideas?

Well, start with setting some rules for what the civ can and cant do.

I was actually thinking of doing this myself, and I have some ideas for what you could do.

One thing you could do is have a join screen where you fill out all of your stats and describe your race and civ to others. Then you could add a starting sequence into the game where it tells you the round and what happened during the previous round. Then add resource counters for each player and a tech and magic tree for all players and have the next part of the tech tree only unlockable if you have the necessary resources and tech. Then have it so mutable players can play in the same world and it will just show them their own screen for the next round but the species can run into each other. You could also have one person host a server and draw a map for the game or have one randomly generated and place civs in random starting areas on the map, and a civ will only have access to the portion of the map they are directly in or if they have unlocked the map in the tech tree they can see anywhere they’ve bee as well. They way actions will work is there will be a few types of actions: Research, Search, Attack, and Communicate. There should probably be more but that is what I came up with. For researching you can research either magic or science and then you can chose what to research from the tech (or magic) tree. For search you can explore your general area or look for something specific. For attack you can attack another civ or move troops to another part of the map (mentioned earlier) to attack your enemy with strategy. Or you can attack a boss and take over a group of characters in a D&D like fashion. For communicate you can do things such as learn another civs language, talk to another player in real time about what to do (may not consume an action depending on the hosts preferences), or ally or declare war with another civ. I think Pandora without horizon’s rules would fit this game nicely, and you could keep adding more content as people on the forum have more good ideas. What do you all think about it?

that was exactly what I was thinking!

if you could put up an rng and a large amount of pre-programmed outcomes it would almost be as good as the real thing, the only problem is that it isn’t adaptable, so you don’t have nearly as much freedom as you do in P.H.

Unless you code it right.

Here is basically what you need to have a way to do in your code:

  1. You need to have a resource counter. Different actions will take different amounts of resources to complete. You will be given different amounts of resources per round depending on what resources you know of, your pop, and how you deal with gathering that resource.
  2. Modular tech and magic trees. When someone hosts a game and wants to change the rules or add their own tech or element into the game, they should have the option to add and remove things from the tech and magic trees with a tech/magic creator.
  3. Custom map sites. The host of a game should have the ability to add custom areas to the map, including magically enchanted areas, or places where the inside is bigger than the outside. You could do this by allowing the host to fine tune the map and add magic hot-spots and enchanted areas and dungeons.

You could get really creative with this if you wanted and even make it good enough to make it cost money and put it on steam.

interesting, i was thinking of a kind of ai dungeon but a dnd style where you create different parts your self is intresting

Well the host has to do something if they don’t want to play themselves.

There should also be an event creator where if a certain amount of time has passed or if a civ has discovered a certain technology or found a monument an event timer would start and the hosts custom event would come into play.

So did you start making it, or are you still looking for ideas?

imma start proggraming

Can I be a play tester? (for things like multiplayer and NPC faction testing)

(Sudden realization)
You should let the host write the rounds summary if they want, you know, the one everyone see’s.

Hey, @GodOfKnowledge, are you still working on this? (Please reply in a post)

yes, i cant seem to hook up an external file tho, its one of the important ones, its not compatable which is weird, but its proressing

Are you using the godot engine?

na, python for now, but that is more the framework, I’m thinking a 2d approach

rn im working//tweaking the formulas for the pop, and just spawn chances in general, im wanting the players to make their own world, not use some prefab