Question about rigidity slider functionality

Issue Description

I am currently attempting to help with issue 1533. The main issue is that when the rigidity slider becomes disabled once the player runs out of MP, it can no longer detect the mouse-up event that will cause it to release the slider, causing the slider value to follow the mouse even when not explicitly active.
I was able to find a work-around involving implicitly sending the mouse-up event, but that will be removed in Godot 4.0.
My main question is why the slider is being disabled in the first place. I would like to know whether it is for aesthetics or functionality so I can maybe find a solution to the problem, because after looking at the c++ source code for the slider itself, there doesn’t seem to be a way to solve the problem and allow the slider to become in-editable.

Your code

InputEventMouseButton inputEvent = new InputEventMouseButton
ButtonIndex = (int)ButtonList.Left,
Pressed = false,
rigiditySlider.Editable = false;

It’s for both reasons as far as I’m aware.
As tagged in the original issue this is basically an engine bug, and the proper fix for this is to report this to Godot and have a bug fix in the engine.