Questions for the 0.5.0 livestream

This time we should have more participants answering questions on the release livestream so let’s try collecting questions beforehand again.

So post any questions about Thrive in this thread and we (may) answer them during the stream.

  1. Is the saving & loading feature planned for 0.5.1?
  2. What are the planned features for gameplay/balancing?

Godot 4.0 is coming, and will be here by the end of this year.
Will 0.5 be ported to 4.0 Godot.

Or will you wait for 4.1 godot to release ( with more features/ bug fix)

Or will Thrive continue it’s development with Godot 3.2 LTS.

Will there be light quests in upcoming thrive games?
Like something specific will trigger something.

Or some extra addons, eg, now we only see limited cloud. ( iron, glucose etc), will there be cloud that are like unknowns? Or some environmental effect on cell
like if it’s near too much salty water it will shrink. ( in early stage, water wasn’t salty , only some parts were)

(This question relates to the save/load question posted by @blackjacksike)
Are there any plans to player made cells appear in other saves, when the game can handle it.

Will there be a cinematic screenshot button for wallpapers?, this will boost popularity?

Given the current state of the world, there is concern for both the physical and mental health of the members of the team. How is everyone holding up?

When the player moves to a new patch, he’s the only species in the said patch. Is there any plan to implement “before-migration” species so that the player wouldn’t be alone when he or she just moves to a patch?
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What about the new features in 0.5.1?
I like enzymes, like ̶G̶o̶d̶ Deus suggested. It would make every species be far more unique and I think it would help in balancing, more biomes in the future game, other things. You know, buy slots of enzymes, etc.

I have a suggestion inspired in this:

About enzymes change your cell’s color a bit, because I personally don’t like the player be able to change the colour of your cell without any reason.
Ex.: If you add melanin, it appears some little brown-black blobs, and if you add other enzyme it makes you not be able to make your cell be as red as it could be.
And when you get all slots of melanin, you unlock one/some slot(s) that are the radiotrophic melanin, because I guess the Radiotrophic Fungus just appear in chernobyl, because there are
enriched uranium/other elements. And it seems that it didnt evolved in other places on Earth.
What I mean is that, if it get implemented, in my opinion must be hard to evolve and maybejust in a planet that has many radioactive elements ?
Just an idea of mine.

I say all of this, because of my question about enzymes being implemented in 0.5.1, i think they make the game with unique species, microbes, or even planets, which is realistic and I guess it meets the idea of the game. Not complex to implement, I guess, but cool enough as the flag-ship feature of the version that succeeds 0.5.0.
Please someone correct me if I’m wrong about something.

  1. Will Vulkan be supported?

And a bit of a joke
2. Will we see ray tracing implemented?


1.) On Earth, most plants are pigmented green because of a photosynthetic preference for the color red, resulting in the reflection of green light and our perception of plant colour being green. This is mostly because red wavelength packs the most energy. Will there be a similar effect in Thrive, where coloring your cell a certain color increases the efficiency of photosynthesis? If so, will the preferred reflected color always be green considering the fact that red wavelengths universally have the most energy?

2.) There’s this wonderful website I keep hearing about where us Thrive community members could donate money so that development happens faster. I forgot the name of it; I think it starts with P, and ends with atreon. For the sake of my forgetful self, could you remind me of this website by unshamefully self-plugging that link into the stream and chat, and by asking people in the stream to donate if they can to said website that I forgot? I think that would be enough to remind me about this website.


Where do you see the project two years from now?

I have the impression, that a lot of progress is gained as of lately. Is development of this game generally speeding up? If so, why?

  • How is the new UI going?
  • Will radiation still appear in the game?
  • When will the background be procedural like this Uniow’s concept:


Will there be like a family tree to check the progress of your species.


How woulf you start from a another stage that isn’t microbe
I have an intresting idea: when you reach ascension you could start eather on you own created species/civ or you could start in a already precreated species/civ and make your ways throught that.

In the “creature” stages (Late multicellular, aware and maybe awakening) will we be able to create, place and modify organs? How complex will that thing be? Like modify the cell tissues you created in the multicellular stage to create a liver(which is more complex, doesnt appear in cell colonies), or you get already-made tissues/ organs from the game to use them on your creature (like gaining a trunk tissue if ur a plant, gaining fat tissues to 'paint" the places you want to store fat), if the game without organ customization gets very superficial.

What are your plans for the 0.6.0 and 0.7.0 releases?


My plan for Komoonity Fowums is to farm posts by increasing the artificial post count.

Are any new special features planned for the next release/being prioritized ? and if so what are they?

and also: Currently environmental conditions (atmospheric gasses, temp, pressure, light) are essentially constant during your playtime as a cell. i’m aware that these environmental conditions are planned to slowly change over the generations in accordance to the stuff happening on your planet. but in game as a cell you don’t see much variation in these environmental conditions as you wiggle about. will that change? and how will these things be visually represented and effect gameplay?

(I’m primarily concerned over temp, pressure, and light/lux. As from what I’ve seen, atmospheric gases are probably just going to be uniformly distributed throughout a patch.)

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