Questions for the 0.5.10 release Thrivestream

When/if these will be added?[1]
(a long wish list)

  • Thermal gradient lines and thermoreseptor

  • Straw/probiscis pilus

  • Toxin pilus, endotoxins[2]

  • A vacuole or cilia for pulling water in and engulfing cells from a distance

  • Nemotocyst to deliver toxin or to pull back for engulfment like a harpoon

  • Musilage to slow cells caught in it or something to disrupt the cells receptors and blinding it, also toxin clouds which last a while

  • Microbial jet/mucilage jet for a quick burst of speed

  • Pellicle or mucocyst shielding

  • Attaching to a surface, holdfast organelle, axopodia

  • Different salt levels and contractive vacuole

  • Calcium carbonate not being viabe in low ph enviroments

  • Hydrofloric acid to engulf cells covered with silica

  • Metalic tissues, metalic cell wall

  • A benefit to evolving bioluminescence, such as communication

  • Radioactive oceans and radioplast, methane oceans like in saturns moon titan

  • Temporary and permenant endosymbiosis[3]

  • Colony between different species of cells (a chimera or a symbiote like gut bacteria)

  • Organelle update system (like oxytoxy level 1-2-3 and oxytoxy resistance level 1-2-3)

  • Stealing organelles from other cells like elysia chlorotica

  • Taking plasmids from engulfed cells or the enviroment

  • Viruses, deadly but allowing horizontal gene transfer[4]

  • Different reproduction types (like conjugation, releasing spores) and DNA point bonus for sexual reproduction

  • Tissue editor, becoming 3d

  • Oxygenation event, acidification event, snowball earth, algal blooms resulting in anaerobic enviroment or too much musilage blocking the sunlight

  • How small can an electric eel be? Anything before aware stage?

  • There is a easter egg reference to spore. But what about Adapt or Elisian eclipse?[5]

  1. many of these are from the post “comprehensive combat revamp” ↩︎

  2. also, is tannosome something like an endotoxin? ↩︎

  3. also: playing as an organelle ↩︎

  4. also, taming viruses or sending virus-like proteins in combat ↩︎

  5. or Species alre, Ancestors the humankind odyssey, Cid meiers civilisation, Europa universalis, Hearts of iron, Crusador kings, Cities skylines, Frostpunk, Sim city, Sim earth, Kerbal space program, Stellaris, Subnautica, No man’s sky? Actually every game in existance is probably similar to a thrive stage ↩︎

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