Questions for the 0.5.10 release Thrivestream

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idk, what is the stream there?
i think its about 0.5.10

I thought someone was ready waiting with a question…

Anyway, fixed my typo.

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  1. How is the progress on planet generation? Last time we saw some rainbow unity orbs.
  2. Will it be possible for player to go down stages, so for instance from multicellular to microbe?
  3. What do you plan to add in the next update (0.6.0)?

It seems likely that we will not be seeing macroscopic gameplay for quite some time, but what expectations should we have for its eventual implementation?

What would you do if a non-LAWK feature (e.g. thermosynthesis) was discovered in real life within the late game development in which multicellular stage was quite fleshed out?


If you finish the microbe stage with photosynthesizing cells(since it is the most efficient and easy way to reach the multicellular stage) will you be forced to play as a plant from the macroscopic stage and onwards?

Oh the gameplay implications. So much forwards thinking needed!

Will it be possible to go on land in multicellular stage?

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how long will it be before EA buys out Revolutionary Games?
also go and read the thrive vault of paranormal activity, this isn’t a question.

  1. Is internal parasitism planned?

  2. Why did you decide to abandon the idea of a bacterial mat biome?

  3. Do you have a concept of how the later/3D multicell stage combat will work?

  4. How many more new organelles do you plan to add?

These are all my questions.

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How free-form do you think the later editors will be?

Like in the aware stage, will you use a growth editor like the one I suggested, or will you use a different type of editor?

Also, do you plan on adding a tool editor in the awakening and/or industrial stages?

How will you handle creatures with a wider field of view than humans?

In other words, what do you plan on doing with this game in the future?


hey gies il be on the stream as Hristijan Mircevski ok?

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I thought 0.5.10 was a joke lol.

  1. Honestly, why 0.5.10 and not 0.6.0?

  2. Are those icons Zrzut ekranu 2022-09-24 o 17.04.40 temporary?

  3. How will plant gameplay work at night time?

I’m satisfied with the answers.

I’ll be either as Schody or Randomesc Stuff. Depends if I’ll be watching on my phone or my computer.

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Obligatory please don’t double post, edit your post instead.

Right now budding is the only allowed form of reproduction for multicellular organisms. How will sexual reproduction work; how will the gaming loop, in the environment, be like for the player?

Will the evolutionary tree be implemented into the main game?

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depeads if the devs add plant like creatures cuese of the cells whe can make i think ther whill be like plants whit spores and asexual and sexual reprodoction

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