Questions for the 0.5.5 release Thrivestream

Stream time is coming up again:

Put your pre-stream questions in this thread.


Question: Since its already 0.5.5, I dont think version “1” will be full release…what version do you think it will be when it is a full game?

I don’t usually reply before the stream, but, I see this question so much, that I can’t resist replying right away.

See on the wiki: Release Roadmap - Thrive Developer Wiki

The first number means the number of “finished” stages. 1.0.0 will be finished microbe stage, in the sense that we are mostly happy with it and move our focus to the next stage, not that we’ll never update it again.

Edit: also I don’t want to see anyone asking, after I linked that, any questions that can be answered by looking at the roadmap.