Questions for the 0.5.9 release Thrivestream

Ask your prestream questions for the upcoming livestream in this thread.


What will be the priority functions that will be updated or added to in the next updates?

How will be the macroscopic gameplay?

Wouldn’t it be more appropriate for the update to be called 0.6, as many things will be added?

How are you guys planning to implement auto-evo in multicellular stage and how is macroscopic going to interact with microscopic life?

How does everyone feel about development right now?

Its been progressing at a frightening rate,

What is the next step for auto evo?

How is progress going with the auto-evo exploring tool?

What information will it show to the players?

Congratz on the release!

  1. Any plans to add more metabolism types like Methane oxidation, oxidation of Iron(II) using oxygen, or respiration using compounds other than oxygen (nitrate, sulfate, Iron(III), etc.) Or are you happy with the current amount of variety/compounds?

  2. Did you ever consider requiring some glucose to reproduce? Right now cells with rusticyanin or themoplasts can survive and reproduce technically without access to any organic compounds.

  3. Hydrogen sulfide is normally a gas, same as oxygen, CO2 and nitrogen, and has at times been widely present in the atmosphere. What was the thought process behind keeping it as compound clouds unlike those others?

1-How do you plan to deviate from metaball (blob) units in macroscopic to bone-like parts (like spine and limbs from Spore) in aware stage? Is it gonna be a smooth transition?

2-What makes macroscopic different from early multicellular besides 3D environment? If there are many differences, do you ever think they should be separated into two different stages?
(I feel like it may get confusing with the way it is right now.)

3-Do you also consider having substages for any other future stage as you did for multicellular stage? If so, why?

4-Is there any way for behavior tab to get completely abolished at some point?
(In my opinion, the whole population of your species should only depend on your actions during the gameplay. I find it no fun changing the settings manually from the editor tab and it is not very expressive.)

5-How are you going to handle food chains? What will be the factors to determine a species as a predator/prey? When do you think you can start working on it?

Thank you so much for developing this game! I hope it keeps thriving to the final point!

How will the upgrade system be implemented?

Has the expected completion date for the game (150 months) changed in any way whatsoever?

Have you ever considered shifting focus entirely to developing content for the pre-society stages – those that revolve around biological evolution – or are you committed to the original scope of the game?

Will we be able to make custom organelles for our playthroughs? For example, having them turn x chemical(s) into atp, or ‘y’ environment feature into glucose.

that seems more like a modded thing to me

Favorite animal? Actually, any life form, including plants or Protozoa or whatever

As more progress is made on future prototypes how will development change? Will things like early multicellular get worked on along side unicellular or will it only be unicellular receiving work while the other prototypes serve more as proof of concept?

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What are the plans for keeping thrive development from slowing down relative to the amount of work required?
To clarify i mean: The further thrive goes along and the more developed it gets, the more work will be required to continue adding more content.

Is it reasonably codable to make the AI determine what the behavior of the players species is from how he plays? The player can play the opposite of what he sets the parameters to be and how he plays determines the succes of his species but that is not what is happening in the millions of years when he clicks the evolve button.

That kind of nullifies the entire point of the behavior sliders… It’s just-auto Evo, but coping you…

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