Questions for the 0.6.0 release Thrivestream

Ask your questions to be answered during the stream here. There is now a limit of 3 questions per person.

Watch the stream here:


Q1: What are your hopes for 2023? Will it be a good year for Thrive?
Q2: When you guys hope to finish Microbe stage?
Q3: Wouldn’t it make sense if player/AI had to evolve eyespot organelle to see if it is day or night?


What’s the one thing you were happiest about adding to the game this year?

  • Is their any feature/part/mechanic planned that you are most looking forward to adding to the game? What part of it do you think would be the most fun to work on and why?

  • Can the many features/overhauls suggested by fans become stressful sometimes for the devteam? What kind of ideas/posts can feel the most stressful? Your mental health is important, and if the community knows what can be the most stressful for the developers then we can hopefully help you out. I hope you are all enjoying working on Thrive!

  • How soon do you think there will be a gameplay prototype for multicellular?

  • What are the standards for joining the dev team?


With the move to multicellular getting ever closer how excited or nervous are you about the change? Do you expect any changes to the Thrive community, such as it growing larger at an extreme rate?


What new feature are you least satisfied about, and plan to change the most in the future?


if i miss this il be disapointed at my self


Q1: Will there be anaerobic photosynthesis?
Q2: Will underground, air, land and space be added to cell stage? This is partially answered, but what does


For being a programmer, I guess the knowladge of Godot is required.

Are you planning on giving each stage it’s own unique vibe, with unique music, visuals, atmospherics etc. or do you plan to have one consistent playing experience where the edges between stages are somewhat blurred?

Thanks, and would love to help plan the vibes if that is the way you go (I think at least modifying the music by stage would be awesome for the ambience).


Are there any plans for continuing of the multicellurar stage prototype? Or was it just an off the wall type of thing?
How much moddable is thrive at a current state? And how much moddable could it become? What do you imagine thrive could create via mods?

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