Questions for the 0.6.3 release Thrivestream

Ask your questions to be answered during the stream here (maximum of 3 questions per person). We’ll answer as many questions as we have time for during the stream.

You can watch the stream on Youtube:

  • will it be possible to be enter the awakening stage as a parasitic fungus once everything necessary for that is implemented?
  • assuming plants will be unable to enter the aware stage how will they be prevented from doing so?
  • will carnivorous plants with insectoid seeds with soft tissue, respiratory organs, circulatory systems, and digestive tracts be able to be used as a workaround

• is the behaviour and membrane rework still planned?

• what upgrades for Organelles are planned and when?

• where do you think will Thrive be at the end of the year in terms of progress

  • What do you think about hydraulic erosion? Can it be simulated during the game or can a pre simulated world be loaded for the player?

  • There will be burrowing animals, right? How will we be able to edit the terrain? Will it be made out of voxels?

  • Will it be possible to design a non lawk krebs cycle?

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I need to hear the devs’ opinions and thoughts about ‘ancestors that stick around’[1]

  1. Is this feature planned?
  2. If so, how could it be implemented? What are your(plural) ideas?

Additional question:

  1. For now, the ‘trees’ won’t be further developed, right?

  1. Basically a concept of an ancestor to the players species remaining in game and evolving on it’s own, without the players involvement ↩︎

  • What are your plans with endosymbiosis at the moment?

  • How many full-time developers, do you think, will be developing thrive when it becomes “complete” (if it becomes complete, that is).

  • Are you good with current microbe-to-multicellular stage transition or do you want to make it smoother?

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What are the plans for microbe stage content for 6.4

What was the hardest part of making the new prototypes

Which prototype is y’all’s favorite

  1. While I understand this maybe too far ahead in the future, I was curious if viruses would be playable in a post ascension gate run. After going through the ascension gate could you then play as a virus on an ai species?

  2. What is the biggest feature you want to implement before thrive 1.0?

What is, in your opinion, most effective method of increasing outreach in the most immediate future, not counting just talking about it and showing it to your friends?

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  • How do you plan to handle saves from older versions when proper planet generation will make an appearance in Thrive?

  • How current patch map system in microbe stage and future planets will work with each other?

  • Is it planned to keep radiotrophy (if it will appear in a game of course) in later stages after microbe/early multicellular, or radiation will be a bad thing for species in any cases?

  • How long do you think it will take for the affectation of the enviroment by cells to be implemented?
  • How are muscle organelles planned to work?
  • How are you doing?
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Hello again! I hope you’re all doing well! Here’s a few questions for the Thrivestream:

  • Do you have any stage/stages of Thrive that you’re most looking forward to working on in the future (even if it might be a long way away)?

  • Are there any features/reworks planned for the future that you find to be really intimidating to actually be able to turn from concept into reality? (For example, something like future auto-evo changes or procedual world generation.)

  • Do you have any favourite animals?

Welcome to the forums, @Mr_ESN!

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  • What Niche/non-priority feature would each of you really like to see implemented at some point in the future if possible, regardless of stage? Not to say that it will happen, but something you would enjoy

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