Questions for the 0.6.4 release Thrivestream

Ask your questions to be answered during the stream here (maximum of 2 questions per person, please). We’ll answer as many questions as we have time for during the stream. The limit is now 2 so that we might have time to answer questions from everyone without needing to start skipping.

You can watch the stream here:


How satisfied are you with the result of transitioning to Jolt physics engine? In terms of brought benefits of optimisation, code readabilty, maybe additional capability to support new features in future updates, versus the effort it took for the refactor and fixing new bugs that it introduced


What was the hardest part of creating this update?

What are y’all’s thoughts on how the community handled and helped with the bug testing before this release?


With is update, will be easier for programming Thrive or will be harder? Why?

What are the current plannings for 0.6.5?


respectfully: are you guys doing ok?

what are your thoughts on the community as a whole?

how are y’all doing?


hey thats my line

i kinda already said that!

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I think you should add these two organelles next. What do you think?

  1. Nematocyst (harpoon)
  2. Haptoneme (grapling hook)
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With the release of this update what is your next main focus?

And do you think that the next update will take a similar amount of time?

  1. With the Rework done , would you say it was worth it?

  2. What is the next gameplay feature you think you will add to the game?


Why do the AI species not conform to the MP limit per generation? It seems they can grow in size much faster than the player.

Have you thought about giving an evolutionary benefit to the excess ATP production you need to build before you can place a nucleus?


Hey folks hope you’re doing alright (optional).

Do you plan to add other gases to atmosphere as environment gets more complex? For example Hydrogensulfide.

When do you plan to start working on convolution surfaces and when will it be done?


How many days are there in Thrive?

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Siema! Here’s some questions:

  1. Do you have any plans and/or ideas for a weather simulation system in Thrive? If so, then I’d love to hear them!
  2. If you have any plans and/or ideas for simulation of natural disasters, how detailed are you planing to make it?
  3. What are your plans and/or ideas for a damage system for structures and environment? (I have some ideas of my own that I’m planning to share in a future post).

Also, :sparkles::christmas_tree: !Wesołych Świąt! :christmas_tree::sparkles:

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I have just 1 question: Will Thrive have giant sized creature? similar to epics in Spore and when it happen… will be them more like scientifically accurate and focused in realism like dinosaurs or gonna be more fantasial and sci-fi ike? to be focused in the fun Like for example there gonna be kaiju sized creatures in Thrive like similiar to Godzilla, Gamera King Kong and etc. Or both can happen in the game the scientifically accurate and realistics ones and the sci-fi and fantasial?


how do you intend on doing symbiosis, i’m curious on how you would handle stuff like gut bacteria and infections


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