Questions for the 0.6.6 release Thrivestream

Ask your questions to be answered during the livestream here (maximum of 2 questions per person, please). We’ll answer as many questions as we have time for during the stream while also taking questions from the live chat (and answering the priority questions first).

Watch the stream here:

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With the release of this update do you believe that work speed on Thrive will increase, laying the groundwork for future updates and all.

What feature are you most excited to work on next?


When do y’all think there will be another update adding a substantial in y’all’s opinion of content.

Which of the future.X releases for Microbe stage are y’all most excited for?

  1. How many releases after version 0.6.6, do you think, will 0.6.X update era have?

  2. Which stage of Thrive you would be the most eager to develop?

Respectfully, this time: are you guys doing ok?

  1. Do you think the drop in community activity is due to the lack of any new content in the latest update?

  2. Which stage do you think will be the most interesting (at least for you) and full of mechanics?

Please only 2 questions per person. If there’s more we’ll pick only 2 to answer on the stream. This changed limit is because if we get lucky that many people want to ask questions, we cannot get through all of them if we answer three per person.

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  1. Will poison resistance/immunity be a thing in cell stage and above?

  2. How will behaviors like Pack structures or solidarity effect the evolution of our species, such as Civilization and Society?

  1. I saw somthing in the github feed about auto evo refactor, what is changing?

  2. How long do you think it will take until 0.6.X roadmap is done?

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