Questions for the 0.6.7 release Thrivestream

Ask your questions to be answered during the livestream here (maximum of 2 questions per person, please). We’ll answer as many questions as we have time for during the stream while also taking questions from the live chat (and answering the priority questions first).

Watch it here:


Hello. I’m new here. And I have two questions related to each other.

  1. When do you plan to implement Surface area & Volume ratios, dynamic environment (compounds aside from oxygen, I heard oxygen difference is already implemented in this update) and organelles regulation (such as controlling processes in the cell)?
  2. How much updates do you think the developers team may finish until the end of this year? Looking at roadmap I think that aside from various fixes and graphic changes, there are not so many systems to be implemented (from what I remember, these are Surface area/Volume ratios, dynamic environment, environmental tolerance, stamina system and various changes in editor). Okay, this is probably a lot, but still, how many do you think you have a chance to implement in this year?