Quick Question Thread

And then tear it all down to start from scratch

Sounds good

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What about multy galactic empire

No multiple galaxies to begin with.

I think dis was awnsered but will there be quick climate changes like an ace age or an super volcano eruption…

This was sorta addressed in Event Portrayal

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Can you reach the space stage or any sapient stage without eyes ,spore said yes as proven by Narotiza

Coud they make tools it whoud be hard but i think not imposibl
edit: if blind men can make an civilization, ur species whoud tap all around the place just to find that log int the pile of logs or an rock in the wild i dont think they whoud be able to find them by smell cuz why whoud they have an smell receptor for rocks and other building material


I know but do u see thouse pictures of sonar

now what is this and how whoud u see a stick for an axe in dis it whoud look like a bump on the ground and it coud be just a bump on the ground

english mother*****r do you speak it? :stuck_out_tongue: jk

is this swearing or somting else

Nah man he’s clearly just saying you’re a motherlucker, which is a way of calling you very lucky. Totes

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i think he swearing but this is off topic so dont reply

alright, you heard 'em bois, no one reply to this thread again

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Kiky, bats primarily navigate via echolocation. The sound waves bouncing off of objects and returning to their ears allows them to “see” prey/the surrounding environment.

I think it could be done in an artsy style like

Yeah but is is acurate enouth

Will blood and gore be a part of Thrive?

If gore won’t be added, will blood will? If it is, then will it be different colours? Like yellow, dark blue, red, whatever.

Will blood spill if you shoot something?

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Bats can use echolocation to hone in on a single moth in the sky, and are able to catch that moth with pinpoint precision despite being in a 3d environment. So yeah. Its accurate enough.