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Maybe the problem is in the launcher?

The launcher has no other effect on the game other than it reads the game output and shows it in the launcher.

Okay, so was looking around in both dev and community forums, and I didn’t see anything so I figured I would double check here - have there been any thoughts to transitioning between castes? I really don’t want to commit thread necromancy just to find out that it had already been answered elsewhere.

I dont know where it is on the community forum, it might even be on this thread, but i do know there has been discussion about castes and such.

I found a few different threads on community, but wasn’t finding anything about transferring between castes, such as the genesis of new ant queens, or given that there’s talk of treating genders as castes, gender transitions a la clownfish.

These 2 posts kinda cover the topic, I think I saw something about the option to play as the parent or offspring in non-cellular stages.

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You have a list of reasons why the child process exited with error code 3489660927.

Not without the Godot developers realizing that they should put breakpad into their engine to get native crash traces from users. Without that all we can do is try to get people to track down exactly what happened in the game when it crashed.

I hope everything will get better

Hey, I was thinking about how cells could affect the atmosphere in the game.

First off, what do cells have in common? Organelles. Each species may have similar or different sets of organelles, which can define their metabolism. What organelles can we consider? Let’s start with every process.

  • Aerobic respiration
  • Chemosynthesis
  • Iron
  • Photosynthesis
  • Fermentation
  • Nitrogen fixation

There is also anaerobic respiration, but it’s not our main concern for now.

[In construction… Checking the game for chemical balance…]

Eh, I find the problem a bit difficult to think about ever since gases quantities were changed from mol to %.

Question: how does the current system work?

What do you mean?
The atmospheric gas concentrations currently affect the max speed a process can run at.

It’s because it seems weird to me that reactions in-game work with concentration scaling instead of mol. Speaking of which, I’ve made a small spreadsheet just to see how % can be converted to mol and vice versa.

So the table on the top left is where I used mass values and took the mass of Earth’s atmosphere as an example. In the game, the player’s planet properties would determine and replace this value. From this constant and the molar weight of each gas, I could calculate the number of moles initially and forward. My only regret is that nitrogen changed values in the long run.

On the top right, you can see the simplified equations of aerobic respiration and photosynthesis. I decided to take the real balance instead of the game’s because it would’ve been too complicated to deal with. I also neglected the fact that photosynthetic cells are supposed to perform respiration too, for it would’ve cancelled the photosynthesis. Besides, I’m pretty sure autotrophs generally take the oxygen within their cell and not always from the environment.

The table on the middle top describes how many cells (either aerobic or photosynthetic) are alive every generation. As you can see, aerobic cells are calculated this way:

N_{aerobic} = N_{photosynthetic} + \frac{N_{photosynthetic}}{2}

At last, the table at the bottom is just a recap of all tables except the chemical equations. Unlike in the real world where the number of cells should depend on the environmental compounds and vice versa, I only counted the latter; in my sheet, compounds depend only on the number of cells and not the opposite.

N2: Decrease
O2: Decrease
CO2: Increase

N2: Decrease
O2: Decrease
CO2: Increase

N2: Decrease
O2: Decrease
CO2: Increase

The main issue is why does nitrogen decrease!??? There’s no nitrogen fixation.

By the way, here’s how I calculated proportions:

P_1 = \frac{n_1 \times P_0}{n_0}

Where P_1 is the final proportion, P_0 the initial proportion, n_1 the final quantity of a said compound (in mol) and n_0 the initial quantity of the same compound.

This is where my post was interrupted by a power outtage dammit.

n_1, which is the final quantity of a said compound, is calculated as follows:

n_1 = n_0 \pm n_{photosynthetic} \mp n_{aerobic}

Where n_{photosynthetic} is the total amount of mols produced or consumed for a said compound across the entire population of photosynthetics while n_{aerobic} is the equivalent of n_{photosynthetic} for the whole population of aerobic cells.

n_{cell}, which can represent either n_{photosynthetic} or n_{aerobic}, is determined like so:

n_{cell} = Population \times n_{base}

Where n_{base} represents the amount of moles of the said compound in the basic balanced equation. For instance, imagine that you are calculating n_{aerobic} for oxygen. n_{base} would be equal to 6 since you need 6 mol of oxygen to react with 1 mol of glucose.

C_6H_{12}O_6 + 6 O_2 \longrightarrow 6 CO_2 + 6 H_2O + 32 ATP + Heat

For those curious about writing math, see this link.

@Sentiant, what do you think about this? Can this be integrated in auto-evo?

My understanding that with gases it is (perhaps more) important the concentration of the thing that is reacting.
I don’t have time to read this, but maybe it says on this page something about that:

The reason nitrogen is going down is because you’re measuring the amount of nitrogen relative to the total mass of the atmosphere (in %).
The total mass of the atmosphere goes up, because you have more aerobic microbes than photosynthesisers, and CO2 is heavier than O2. You’re effectively pumping carbon into the atmosphere.
The absolute amount of nitrogen stays the same, but the relative to the entire atmosphere that value is less and less.

Could it be integrated into auto-evo? Sure. Most of the math you did isn’t even necessary for that; the amount of gas each process creates per timestep is unknown and must be assigned an arbitrary value. So we might as well ignore the molar mass entirely and just add/subtract a certain amount of mass to the atmosphere. I’ll try to combine it with the next update I have planned.

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What stats will be in the Statistics Button. in the pause menu.

Dang, I still feel sad about ignoring the true reactions. RIP moles

any way i can change my username here on the forum?

I think by clicking on your pfp on the top right of the screen, then going to uhhh PREFERENCES then you can easily change your Vanity name.

I think you can only change your username for 3 days after registering. After that it’s not changeable because it breaks @mentions.

Unless you ask an admin to change it for you, but you can’t do that 100 hundred times so choose your new name carefully. I think there are only two users who changed names :

  • from QuMingeyCrater to Biologicah
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