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Ice shelf biome is even in 0.4.0

I know it’s a reference to it, but what is it ?

EDIT : I mean, I know where the reference comes from, but what is The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy ?

It’s obvious that when we get to the space stage a lot of theoretical science will be used but how much of it will we see before we go into space?


Imagine a rogue ice planet where life has always been beneath the ice and never even dream of the concept of life
Perhaps you could just try to say hello and they’ll praise you?

Or a similar situation, mentioned in this thread here:
Tidal forces to heat planets without stars?

(i also do this to regain interest in a thread i made a few months ago :joy:)

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I know that mineral chunks will be a thing but how many different kinds of minerals will we find chunks of and what will they provide?

Is there supposed to be a bright yellow biome? It looks nothing like the others. Nearly uniform yellow, with some gaps.

Ah yes, the cursed legend of:

:ghost: 𝑳𝑬 𝑷𝑨𝑻𝑪𝑯 𝑫𝑬 𝑩𝑨𝑵𝑨𝑵 :banana:

I think its referred to as the Banana Patch, its a glitch i’m pretty sure. Spooky stuff.
The point of no return, no cell has ever entered and lived to tell the tale…


That is a known bug:

I can’t see any of the oxygen clouds, phosphate clouds, etc, is this a bug or something else I just don’t know about? I keep wandering around and there’s nothing to grab. Sometimes random glucose will fill up my bar but there’s no clouds on the screen to suggest I had found any glucose.

It is a glitch that some people have, i think the devs are trying to fix it.

Will Thrive be only in English, or it will withstand more than one language?

There will likely be translations at some point. But even with community made translations for the player to be able to use them without overwriting files, we need to write a system for handling translations. That kind of system is not a high priority for me so don’t expect that any time soon.

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Why are the clouds so opaque?

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They were tweaked to be that way.

I suppose someone could tweak the parameters and have a vote on what looks the best.

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its fixed here:

What are your intentions regarding visuals during the late multicellular and early aware (i.e. underwater) stages? Is it going to be visually on a similar level as for example Subnautica? What about the level of visuals in the other stages? And my second question - are we going to be able to retexture the current microbe stage? Because I wondered how would it look like in the style of real microscope photorealism.

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