Quick Question Thread

Is there supposed to be a bright yellow biome? It looks nothing like the others. Nearly uniform yellow, with some gaps.

Ah yes, the cursed legend of:

:ghost: 𝑳𝑬 𝑷𝑨𝑻𝑪𝑯 𝑫𝑬 𝑩𝑨𝑵𝑨𝑵 :banana:

I think its referred to as the Banana Patch, its a glitch i’m pretty sure. Spooky stuff.
The point of no return, no cell has ever entered and lived to tell the tale…


That is a known bug:

I can’t see any of the oxygen clouds, phosphate clouds, etc, is this a bug or something else I just don’t know about? I keep wandering around and there’s nothing to grab. Sometimes random glucose will fill up my bar but there’s no clouds on the screen to suggest I had found any glucose.

It is a glitch that some people have, i think the devs are trying to fix it.

Will Thrive be only in English, or it will withstand more than one language?

There will likely be translations at some point. But even with community made translations for the player to be able to use them without overwriting files, we need to write a system for handling translations. That kind of system is not a high priority for me so don’t expect that any time soon.

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Why are the clouds so opaque?

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They were tweaked to be that way.

I suppose someone could tweak the parameters and have a vote on what looks the best.

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its fixed here:

What are your intentions regarding visuals during the late multicellular and early aware (i.e. underwater) stages? Is it going to be visually on a similar level as for example Subnautica? What about the level of visuals in the other stages? And my second question - are we going to be able to retexture the current microbe stage? Because I wondered how would it look like in the style of real microscope photorealism.

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Do crabs think fish fly?

Some crabs can ‘fly’, so are the other crabs jealous or do they just think they are fish?

Question is, can you fly?

Do humans think clearly?

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My reputation will be damaged depending on the answer to this. How Many frames per second can a human see from a screen.

The average person needs 60 FPS for it to look as smooth as real life, with variations (for example, a friend of mine sees it as smooth when it has over 30, while I personally need around 80). However, for bigger differences (think a black screen flashing white) it can easily be in the hundreds, and trained people (jet fighters) can increase it by a lot. It depends on the situation though, for something relaxed like watching a move 30 FPS is usually good enough.

So this means my reputation will be hurt if I try and argue my point.
I guess I will just drop the subject.

I said that 120 FPS and higher is not necessary since humans can’t tell frame differences past 60.

I got a 144Hz monitor. I can’t exactly remember when but it was probably something like 8 months ago. And it is so much smoother than 60Hz. Like even on the desktop mouse movement, at least to me, just feels like so much smoother than on 60Hz monitor. I don’t play as many games as I did before (due to university) but I’ve played a few shooters, like overwatch, where I feel like the game is running much smoother and I can aim better, when using a 144Hz monitor compared to 60Hz. I’ve also experienced that typing text feels more responsive, I’m not sure if this is possible, but at least to me it is like night and day when comparing typing on a 60Hz monitor on a cheap keyboard to my main computer with a mechanical keyboard and 144Hz monitor. Related to that there is this interesting website (where it’s clear that input lag is lesser with higher refresh rate monitors): https://danluu.com/input-lag/

This is just my experience but I’m definitely not going to switch back to a 60Hz monitor for gaming.

Even if human eyes can’t see beyond some amount of FPS, I’ve read somewhere that with a 240Hz monitor compared to 144Hz you also experience it being a bit smoother. I suppose otherwise there would be no 240Hz gaming monitors for sale.