you have the great white shark, we have castes that can be made that act like a cordyceps fungus but for every animal and isn’t restricted by high temperatures. oh, and we have eusociality built in which will allow us to make one animal to rule them all if we abuse the castes enough.

we could turn earth from a deathworld into a utopia that can actually stay a utopia and make castes that mimic extinct animals

Generic body belgiumer organism (seriously, this trope is common) vs Sharktopus

Why is sn@ tcher censored

its gonna be a tie. ill make sure of it

the body belgiumer can make a sharktopus by infecting a shark with the radiostrocity
and it can have chitin armor as well because the eldritch tumor came from an ant

@ is pronounced “at” so you could put sn@cher for the time that’s hit by the overfiltering problem, though i’d reccomend doing the correct thing instead

The votes have tied. Now I shall flip a coin - if it comes on the side with value, ant wins, and if it comes on the other side, the shark wins.

Major Edit: here it is!

Ant won! Expect round 0 soon!


ant mechs and whale hives here we come


A sad day for my fellow shark enjoyers.

Round 0 - 0:00, April 25th, 2000

Round Prologue
As midnight passes and April 25th begins in the American country of Nicaragua, a Bullet Ant worker goes outside of it’s home nest and searches for some food. Instead of food, however, it finds something it has never sensed before…

The Organism
The Bullet Ant worker approached a strange, solid grey substance. Having never known that something like this could even exist, the Ant senses the properties of this object. It seems to be appealing enough for it to pick up the substance. As the mantibles grab this thing, bits of it are swallowed by the insect.

The Ant suddenly drops the object as seemingly all the receptors in it’s body have fired. While it’s primitive neural network doesn’t allow it to understand what has just happened, something starts to develop inside it’s body, creating a new kind of “tissue”. When the receptors eventually stop firing, the Ant decides to get back to the nest…

HEALTH - 9/10
ENERGY - 6/10


HUMAN AWARENESS LEVEL - “No-one knows that you exist”


  • Evolving Tissue

Reserva Natural Sierra Quirragua, Central Nicaragua
(Removed to not take up forum space)
(Red dot represents current location)

There are 4 rounds in a day - at 0:00 (midnight), 6:00 (morning), 12:00 (noon) and 18:00 (evening).
“The Organism” caterogy is the place, where mutations and actions of the Organism will be described.

Some additional rules and stuff:
-If size of the organism increases, so will the organism statistics, aswell as their effects (so if you double your size, the organism has double in height statistics, and it consumes 2 energy/round passively).
-Actions such as converting resources into energy, or turning resources into health, don’t cost energy. However, if you don’t have resources nor energy, you can draw your health bar (meaning that it’ll have a lower cap) in order to regenerate energy just like resources.
-You can regenerate more than just 2 energy in one resource/health-to-energy action. However, the more energy you want to regenerate, the increasingly assymetrical will be the requirement (2 energy require 1 resource, 4 require 3, 6 require 9, 8 require 27 and so on). If you increase your size, this will however be shifted (if it doubles, 4 energy will then require 2 units, 8 require 6, etc.)

Round 0 is done! You can submit your mutations and actions now!
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Sharktopus has lost.
Billions must die.

Is it possible to evolve magic?

No, however you can make non-LAWK mutations.
Closest thing to magic in this FG is probably the evolving tissue.

What does evolving tissue do

It is the thing allowing you to make a mutation every quarter of a day, atleast from our perspective as the players.

Can I make mutations that affect the evolving tissue?

No, I want the FG to have the current mutation rate, and I’d like to atleast somewhat stick to realism, not going full magic but allowing non-LAWK.

mitochondria circuit completed when the mandibles close?

What do you mean? And why would it impact the future of the organism?

Mutation: Poison in the mandibles, to kill prey easier.

Action: Alert the hive of the Grey Substance that caused the tissue to be created.


mitochondria have equivalant surface charge per unit of surface area to a lightning bolt, the mitochondrial circuit only completes when the mandibles have something conductive between them so the mandibles can electrocute things that are chomped. one requirement for this though would be one really long cell making a line from one mandible to the other or electrically conductive cell junctions though

Is that supposed to be a mutation or something that real ants do?