It seems like that an organism consumed radioactive material, by a chance or by a trick. It has started to develop symptoms of radiation sickness… But there seems to be also something else developing inside of it. This strange organic mass doesn’t behave like regular cancer, it seems to be morphing and adapting to the surrounding environment of the organism…

Before the actual game begins...

Players of this FG (people from Thrive Community Forum) will choose:

  • what organism will be the one to consume radioactive material,
  • when will this organism eat it and
  • where will the radioactive material be consumed

First three players of this FG will submit their propositions for Organism (It can be ANY animal), Time (from July 17, 1945 to the present day, please be specific down to a day) and Place (anywhere on Earth’s surface). After that, those players aswell as other people wanting to join will vote for whetever proposals to be made part of the actual game.

The actual game

After the Polls are complete, Round 0 will be written with data on the environment and the organism’s statistics in it.

The players control one organism, and will choose mutations for it (hopefully together).

Each player has ONE mutation and ONE action vote, with no way to increase the amount of either.

Actions have the following table of luck, based on a cubic dice:
1 - The organism only suffered from this action (-1 health),
2 - The action didn’t quite succeed (makes the action 50% less effective),
3 & 4 - The action went on as a player wished,
5 - Action unfolded with 25% extra effect,
6 - Action had double effect.

An action can be used to gather resources, heal, turn resources into energy, fight humans, move, hide, etc.

Mutations’s table of luck, based on a cubic dice:
1 - Instead of requested feature, the organism loses health (-1 health),
2 - Requested feature is developed, but not in the desireable form (makes the feature 50% less effective),
3 & 4 - Requested feature is developed as a Player wished to,
5 - Requested feature is developed with 25% extra effect,
6 - Besides the requested feature, player can choose to develop a minor feature related to the requested one (e.g. if mutation developing arm scores 6, the player can choose to develop claws or fingers).

A mutations is used to develop anything that becomes part of the organism’s body. They don’t have to be LAWK.

The Organism has the following statistics:
Health - determines amount of damage needed to be done before the organism dies (dies at 0), regenerated from resources,
Strenght - determines damage the organism can do the human civilization, has variants,
Resources - determines the amount of material resources the organism can have. Resources are needed to grow new structures, regenerate energy or heal the organism,
Energy - Actions draw energy. Energy is regenerated from resources (1 Resource → 2 Energy, cannot be reversed). Energy naturally decays, with the rate of 1/round (will increase if organism becomes larger in size).

Mutations can be used to increase the higher limit of the statistics and the effects of actions on them.

Having realized who caused it’s suffering, the organism wants to take a revenge on humanity as a whole.

The game can end either by having all humans die, or having the organism die (at which case the game will restart). For simplicity, we will simplify human population down to hundreds of millions (e.g. 8.1 Billion), and that no deaths nor births happen, other than deaths caused by the organism. All humans are present on Earth’s surface (or inside of it).

Damage caused by humanity on the organism will increase as it become more aware of it’s existance and abilities (determined by players’ actions).


Edit: Changed the way Human Population will be calculated, and their distribution.

I decided that running just one Forum Game at a time might not give the players enough time to submit their votes, so here we are. Also my second forum game, not really inspired by any other one.



Looks interesting. I’ll submit a proposition for this.

Organism: Great White Shark
Date: February 1st, 1974
Location: Southern Coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA

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December 31, 2022
Africa, the central clade, in the wild

Lion clade map

We need more chaos for the 2020’s
Also Lions have retractable claws.
And there great cats.
10/10, would recommend


Bullet ant
april 25th, 2000

imagine the possibilities for the creatures we could make out of ants


With all 3 proposals being submitted, the polls can begin! They will last for 3 days from now!

Which starting setting proposal do you choose for Radiostrocity Forum Game?
  • Great White Shark; February 1st, 1974; Southern Coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA
  • Lion; December 31, 2022; Africa, The Central Clade, In The Wild
  • Bullet Ant; April 25th, 2000; Nicaragua
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Sharktopus let’s gooooo


On February 1st, 1974, the Thrivium Research Center’s reactor stationed near Cape Cod, suffered a complete meltdown. The meltdown spilled radioactive waste during the incident into the shore of Cape Cod. As of now, the radioactivity is uncontainable, and the public fears of a radioactive monstrosity, nicknamed a Radiostrosity. Due to the Thrivium Research Center’s specialization in biology and medicine, and the vast amount of microbes and animals contained for study, it is highly likely that several animals may have been contaminated with the radioactive waste, and escaped out into the ocean. After full inventory check by the Global Biological Safety Union(G.B.S.U.), it has been noted that 1 Great White Shark has breached containment.

This shark is been tracked down to the southern shore of Cape Cod, but termination is impossible as of now due to the high amounts of radiation it is emmiting. It currently shows symptoms of radiation sickness, but has not perished yet or had a significant decrease in health. After scanning, a mass of [REDACTED] has been found inside the shark.

Further action pending.


Great write, but the vote hasn’t ended yet.


new option:

one thing we could do with the ants is make a brain caste that eats the brains of animals and takes over the body of the animals by connecting axons (which could be protected from all invaders by a chitinous matrix that forms when everything but the brain stem has been eaten) to the dendrites of the brain stem.

another option: walking corpses as hives, specifically corpses of large animals like bears and blue whales, though another route this could go is turning animals into hives while they’re alive and drinking their blood to replenish oxygen if it starts running low and having the ants get a lot smaller inside smaller organisms

a third option we could use if the ants win: modular chitin mechs that can switch between myofibril and hydraulics for lifting, myofibril for speed and hydraulics for strength, and every organ can just be replaced by worker eggs in the blood that act as white blood cells until a zooid is missing and then they go to the site of injury and grow into the missing zooid

That sounds a lot like Codex Inversus. Also, I’m now voting for the ants because of this idea.

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Votes are now equalled. If 2 options score the same amount of voters, the ones from the third option will be asked to vote for the other two. If all options are equalled, I shall roll a coin to finally choose the one and only option.

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Sharktopus is the only option

i might have to be the tie-breaker

Vote has ended with a tie between the shark and the ant.
@Centarian and any other people who haven’t voted yet, please choose between the Great White Shark option and the Bullet Ant option.
People who have already voted for Ant or Shark, don’t be alarmed - your votes will be accounted when all votes are distributed, please do not vote in this poll.

Which starting setting proposal do you choose for Radiostrocity Forum Game?
  • Bullet Ant; April 25th, 2000; Nicaragua
  • Great White Shark; February 1st, 1974; Southern Coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA
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Sure, walking ant colonies are cool, but have you considered my oh so subtle Jaws reference?

imagine its another tie

nobody vote :slight_smile:

@Centarian if the ants win we can take over a lion in the central clade in africa at some point

We have sea lions and tiger sharks