Random sketch

Just a random fisho that i drew based on the tully monster.


It’s hard to tell where the fish is, or if the whole picture is the fish. Either way, it looks pretty good.

Sorry about that, i overcrowded it a bit. ill try to get a more clear version on my next one

Alright, sounds good. Anyways, the sea tends to get overcrowded at times.

I dont think ill ever be able to get a truly ‘clear’ drawing. its nearly impossible for me. . .

i emphasised the fishes by using darker lines and tried to make them the central focus of the image.
Hope this looks better.


I had no problem spotting the fish the first time , and while I think that both images look awesome I personally prefer the first version because it looks more realistic in some way . Anyways great work !

This looks really good! I particularly prefer this one, but the first image is more or less realistic. This looks like a good candidate for some concept art.

Keep up the good work.