Random talk about Minecraft being a better game than Roblox

No it hasn’t. You clearly don’t play minecraft and it shows.


You’re both wrong. Real men play Ultrakill.

Legends play Kerbal Space Program



only man children curse, they think it makes them look cool, which means that minecraft actively forces it’s players to become real men.
and it is good that it is available for toddlers, so that they can be real men as early as possible.

theyre joking
dont take opinions on the internet seriously
and in regards to roblox
i dont think yall should be playing it, considering how shady and terrible the Company is…

also, you dont need to triple post
you can quote someone just by highlighting their text


do i look like someone who jokes on a regular basis?

I do. It was a hassle to even get the permission to speak.

Yes. Kerbal Space Program

bro in roblox even the world “hello” gets tagged.

Robux literally enables children to gamble, so never even put a single thing into that account.

yeah the chat moderation is shit

and there is no chat moderation in minecraft.

Abominable, please don’t double post or more. If you want to reply someone, quote what they said by highlighting it and then clicking the “quote button”.

Forum rules state that double posting should be kept to a minimum. It’s fine in pms/when posting rounds for forum games, or after a sufficient amount of time has passed, but is to be avoided whenever possible.

(I myself am subject to accidentally double posting every once in a while, but again - try to avoid it)

Minecraft, as of 1.19.2, does have automatic chat moderation on servers Frale

Yes there is. Search it up.

There “is”, but is completely irrelevant. It is manual since you need to manually report messages and not only have I never seen or heard of it being used but there are also mods and plugins that disable it.

If your friend decides to “prank” toy by reporting a message, you can get permabanned from a game you need to pay for.

Irrelevant to your main point.

Does it need to be fixed a little bit? Sure, for example I see no reason to permaban someone from the game m

However, two things;

First, if your friend decides to report you, that’s a fault of your friend, not the game

Secondly, while I have heard of this Permaban from the game, I have seen no actual examples. You can get banned from a server or a world, but I have yet to see evidence you can be banned from the game itself

Frale, how is it irrelevant? Their original post was partially about the chat system, and so that post you responded to correlates with that original point

the only thing i ever put into roblox are time and adblockers