Random talk about Minecraft being a better game than Roblox

mine is nonexistent.
roblox is for toddlers, any adult or even anyone above 3 that plays it is officially a man child.
real men play minecraft.

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I play every game in existence, because I’m god

then you are, by definition, both a real man and a man child.

i play Minecraft as heavily modded as possible for whatever computer i am using and a few Roblox games

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Minecraft? The game that recently has been dumbed down for toddlers where you can’t even chat sometimes, and can get permabanned for saying a curse word?

You are a manchild for judging people on what they like to play.

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Saw it and accepted it.

No it hasn’t. You clearly don’t play minecraft and it shows.


You’re both wrong. Real men play Ultrakill.

Legends play Kerbal Space Program



only man children curse, they think it makes them look cool, which means that minecraft actively forces it’s players to become real men.
and it is good that it is available for toddlers, so that they can be real men as early as possible.

theyre joking
dont take opinions on the internet seriously
and in regards to roblox
i dont think yall should be playing it, considering how shady and terrible the Company is…

also, you dont need to triple post
you can quote someone just by highlighting their text


do i look like someone who jokes on a regular basis?

I do. It was a hassle to even get the permission to speak.

Yes. Kerbal Space Program

bro in roblox even the world “hello” gets tagged.

Robux literally enables children to gamble, so never even put a single thing into that account.

yeah the chat moderation is shit

and there is no chat moderation in minecraft.