Random Video Posting

Why don’t we have a non lounge video posting thread?

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Redstone is a room temperature superconductor


Do NOT speak its name!

Anyway, we all know that the category that shall not be named has superior users, which is why they share videos there. In my case, I carefully select videos that I want to share privately and some that I share here in the misc thread.


It’s also probably because of storage - videos prolly take up lots of storage, and if you’re an active [REDACTED], you likely know to use image hosting services instead of using the forums memory directly. That might not be the case for, say, a new user who decides to share a dozen videos, which all end up taking up forums storage space


And by the way, how much storage does the actual forum have and how much is left?

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Electricity takes about 15 meters to die out in Minecraft. it’s not a super conductor.

Because you are using it as a dust, how many superconductors do you know that work well while grinded to a fine paste?

if compressed into a solid cube it’s so conductive it makes electricity! if you made it into an extremely thin wire it’d be able to transfer that same amount of electricity over at least 1500 blocks!

These videos are links, they shouldn’t take up more space than how long [quote="50gens, post:9, topic:7198"] it takes to write the link [/quote]. I just wrote a self referencing phrase.

What is [REDACTED] ?

There is now.

You can’t upload videos to the forums. At least I hope that is the case. So all videos have to just be links from video hosting websites.

The storage is “infinite” but each additional stored thing costs money forever until it is deleted. The cost is 7$ per terabyte each month, which might not sound like a lot but any used up storage will cost money forever until it is deleted. So there comes a pain point where old content needs to be reviewed and deleted eventually if people aren’t careful about how much space gets eaten up progressively more and more.


dont worry hhyyryryryr, i tried to upload a large video just now, and it didnt work!

How much are we using currently

The forums is using in total 25 GB (and the dev forums 5 GB). Which as I said isn’t bad before, but if we got to a rate of using that much more storage in a few months (which would be the case if people were able to upload videos), it would eventually pile up to be a significant monthly cost.


Here’s a challenge for you, @QuantumCrab.

They last posted over a year ago, I doubt that QuantumCrab will see that.

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He’ll see that next time he logins (whenever that will be).

He was last seen over a year ago… If he hasn’t been reading the emails from Discourse, they have been automatically already disabled at this point.

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I didn’t even know Blender was around in the 90’s. Ah, the 90’s… what a belgium decade.