I’m happy to see how thrive has improved drastically since the forum was moved to a place that the developers can call their own both in functionality and graphical design as I happened to have joined soon before bots started to spam leading us all to migrate to the new forum (I happened to have been named Fishwithlegs back then but I doubt anyone would remember me as I never contributed very much and failed to host a forum game that died soon after it started) I may be able to contribute proper knowledge to the forum as I’ve become very intelligent (compared to then) throughout the past year or so. I am very happy to rejoin thrive’s community forums to help the advancement of thrive as a whole.


I just want to say that you missed out on an amazing opportunity.

You should have named this account Tiktaalik to represent your growth in intelligence since your last account, as it was literarily a fish with legs.

Now that we have that cleared; welcome back!