Realistic Magic

This thread is to discuss if ,and how, magic could occur in the real world. (It doesn’t have to be on earth). For example: a species that could send electricity at a predator or prey at a long range.

The only “magic” creature that I know it could exist would be dragons. In my childhood, I remember to have read fiction books describing scientifically dragons in a 19th century style. They were called “dragonology”.
The books were saying that dragons have a “venom tooth” like the snakes and that the venom is, in fact, a fuel. In the mouth, there is a small pocket containing pyrite and iron rocks, which are scraped against each other thanks to a muscle mechanism and this produces sparks. If the venom is secreted while the mechanism is in progress, this will produce fire.
Even though it is fiction, such a thing could be possible. The only problem is how could they resist to fire?

I would assume that the dragons would have very leathery and course skin, to resist the flame, maybe a mucus coating to protect the flesh?

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Maybe they would also have a specific type of cell wall, which would allow it to survive extreme temperatures.
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A bigger problem that I see, is their size. In order to fly with their big size, they would need to be extraordinarily light, and their wings probably would have to be much bigger.

I also want to share a quote:

Clarke’s Third Law : Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

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Technically magic can be a lot of different things, but it’s main basis is that science or current known knowledge can’t explain a specific phenomenon, at least from the way i see it. And most magic in fantasy settings are explained by gods giving it to mortals in some capacity, example being The Elder Scrolls(?)

Perhaps magic could be gifted to a species you create or an AI species through the Ascension stage, either it be giving them a genie in a doodad, let them create fire from their fingertips, etc.

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