(Reboot in p.58) Planet KY365Y-Evolution Forum Game

An explosion just happened where multicellular animals diverse. U start as a 10cm long worm with no eyes, bones or a brain, they just mindlessly swim around filter feeding on smaller species. The goal is to evolve to a changing ecosystem and try to not go extinct!

The rules:
1.U get one vote every turn(Regular vote), ur vote is at the mercy of the dice which is a 6d and the numbers mean:
1-opposite of what u asked
2-Slightly inefficient mutation
3-Nothing happens
4-What u asked for happens
5-More efficient mutation
6-A unique mutation much better than what u asked for
2. Every second round u get another vote (Ood vote) and the dice on this one means:
1,3,5-what u asked for
2,4,6-nothing happens
3. There is a map it affects ur biome, it will change every 10 turns( u can’t see it cuz it makes no sense for animals to know the world map).
4. There will be disasters and extinctions.

Regular vote: primitive brain

REgular vote: a brain

Regular vote: vessels and arteries

@Korominas u have that

Vote: A multicellular organism (joke)

Vote: It’s ya boi, Skinny P- (Length increase)

vote: smarts :brain:(a brain)

Vote : brain

we are starting when someone joins or @Korominas changes his vote or when the original post hits 24hrs

its my turn so?

change ur vote u have arteries

Edit: Regular Vote: Brain

Round 1

Crv Pameten (@Rednascar11)

Reg Vote: Brain-2

Crv Pameten has evolved a brain on the outside it is very vulnerable and many die cuz of brain damage (That’s a lot of damage!).

Appearance: A 10cm long worm with a brain exposed on its forehead.
Biome: Sea 1
Status: Vulnerable

Crv Gledac (@PositiveTower)

Vote: Brain-6

Crv Gledac has evolved a brain and eyes that is used to find mates.

Appearance: A 10cm long worm with 2 eyes.
Biome: Sea 2
Status: Least Concern

Crv Golem (@Askyw)

Vote: Size Increase-5

Crv Golem has evolved a longer body.

Appearance: A 17cm long worm.
Biome: Ocean 1
Status: Least Concern

Crv Oci (@reeper66)

Vote: Brain-5

Crv Oci has evolved a brain and eyes that it uses to find mates.

Appearance: A 10cm long worm with 2 eyes.
Biome: Sea 3
Status: Least Concern

Crv Mnogu Mozok (@AnimalArmy)

Vote: Brain-2

Crv Mnogu Mozok has evolved a lot of small brains that fight for themselves.

Appearance: A 10cm long worm.
Biome: Ocean 2
Status: Vulnerable

Crv Mozok (@Korominas)

Vote: Brain-4

Crv Mozok has started to clump neurons together and has evolved a brain.

Appearance: A 10 cm long worm.
Biome: Ocean 1
Status: Least Concern

Biomes descriptions:
Sea 1, connected to ocean 1
Sea 2, connected to ocean 1
Sea 3, connected to ocean 1
Sea 4, connected to ocean 1
Ocean 1, connected to Sea 1-4
Ocean 2, (not connected to anything but can migrate to ocean 1)

Reg Vote : eyes
Odd Vote : combine the brains

Vote 1: develop external skull for external brain
Vote 2: spooky scary skeletons send shivers down your (spine)

what i do now?

Vote on something that could help

Vote 2:jaw

vote: jaws
edit: and can i get bigger