Regarding Bloodshed and Gore

Should have realistic levels of blood, there isn’t that much blood in nature unless something important like an artery is damaged. I don’t want my battlefields looking like Total War without the blood DLC.

hhryyrlainen showed the most important parts quite well, these two are the main substances used by animals to transport oxygen through their body. There are two things I want to mention though:

  1. The much lower efficiency for haemocyanin doesn’t seem completely justified, since it is actually able to hold its own against haemoglobin at sufficiently low temperatures quite well (, so making the debuff scale with temperature seems better in my opinion.

  2. A third and extremely rare type of oxygen transport in vertebrates is the outright abandonement of any porphyrins and even red blood cells altogether (which would result in opaque, colourless “blood”). It is only viable in very low temperatures (because of the better solubility of oxygen in water) and can only sustain low metabolic rates, but … it is possible. The crocodile icefish pulls it off for example.


This is how much gore I would like in Thrive
Don't watch if ur squeamish and/or eating something

I’m kinda worried about what that would smell like, and if your creature had an insanely potent sense of smell.


Well hyenas do have a highly developed sense of smell, they just don’t perceive the smell of carrion as uncomfortable, because their immune and digestion systems are potent enough to consume them without danger. Therefore, it would have made no evolutionary sense for them, to develop an instinctive aversion to the smell of rotting flesh. Although the same can be said about almost any scavenger.
It could be interesting to develop a system in which a carcass is divided in different types of tissues (which should work quite well with the current idea for the creature editor, since we are already directly editing the amount of muscles and fat), which would each make up a part of the total nutrition, that can be gained from this carcass and can only be consumed if you have the appropriate adaptation. For example your creature only gains nutrition from the bones of a carcass, if it has a sufficient bite force to break them and reach the marrow, otherwise it would have to leave it unfinished, until another, better equipped scavenger comes along, or until the carrion despawns because of decomposers.


Although there’s some debate about blood & gore, one question is still up in the air: when it comes to attacking an enemy or feeding on a carcass, regardless of what stage(s) gore is implemented in, would the player see blood on their species’ mouths when feeding, or on any of the weapons, natural (think claws, teeth, beaks, etc.) or tech based (think spears, axes, blades, etc.)?

i agree with you, i would like to see lots of blood & gore(realistic levels of coarse). but some people mite need a option to remove blood & gore.

Weapons should have blood on them as well as mouths and claws, then there should be a wash function where you walk into water to wash yourself off or have an increased chance of getting a disease.
Let’s work blood into mechanics and not just aesthetics.

i like that

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The only problem I see is it disables the ability to remove gore

oh, i think that should be a opshin

That would be a big change. What could happen would be to remove blood as a liquid and more of like a colored stain of the thing you are eating and on your creature. (paint on a wall over blood)

What about having a status buff/debuff page on the pause menu telling your status?

To be fair, i like having the option to nerf myself. So , multiple kinds of blood ftw. Also, a chemo-synthetic life form/One with a sulfur mitochondria could have different colored blood, since they do not use oxygen for the most part.

There is a means to do it via sulfate, which we will have in 0.4.0 i believe, in that case, the “blood” would be yellow, like the blood in subnautica.

But there are many other options too!
This link is all kinds of interesting and has a ton of examples ^


Spoilers for Subnautica (sort of)


I thought the blood was yellow due to the diseases that has infected all of the life.


That was helpful.


WhAt If wE HaVE HyDRoTherMal BlOod To SmeLt tHe MeTal?