Regarding Bloodshed and Gore

I couldn’t find any other thread specifically about blood and gore, so I apologize in advance in case there is another thread solely dedicated to this topic.

Since everyone here knows that Thrive aims for realism and accuracy, that got me to thinking about blood and violence not just in the creature stage, but also in later stages when one’s species becomes more advanced in society and starts a war or conflict of some kind.

My question is: to what extent will blood and gore be explored, and how will it be managed?

The reason why I created this thread is because if any one of you has seen a nature documentary, animals can inflict very brutal wounds on each other. ( ex. a big cat carrying a leg of a prey item it killed) The same general scenario occurs during docs about war, battles, civil unrest, etc.

My honestly humble opinion: I wouldn’t want this game to go the Mortal Kombat route and just have it being a gorefest. I’d much prefer to at the very least have the option to have gore on or off.

If the mods feel the need to close this thread, there’d be no hard feelings from me.

I want to go with a route that has realistic amount of gore (or maybe slightly less), so that it won’t be a gore fest but there would be a reasonable amount. It won’t be very difficult to have an option to just not have any gore so that is a potential setting that is added (once we have gore and someone bothers to make it).


Solid plan, but here’s a little question: In your mind, what would qualify as a “reasonable amount”?
Like dismemberment and beheading, or more like chunks of meat being ripped out while a predator is feeding?

Or maybe an even mixture of those two?

In my opinion, the amount of gore you see is the amount of gore you put on other things, such as making your creature fit to cause the most brutal bloodshow on the planet, or sometimes other creatures can be that way with the auto-evolve in NPC creatures.

I remember there was a thread on the old forum where we agreed that gore should be optional.

I’d personally love to not only have a no gore mode but also an unrealistic extreme gore mode because that would give the game kind of a hack-and-slay vibe

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I think the game shouldn’t shame away from gore look at spore what did it trying to appeal all do to it.
Also, I would like when I bite a animals belly its guts to fall out :smiling_imp:

Well apparently there never really was a final conclusion on whether gore should be optional or not. The only threads I found where gore was discussed were this one and this one.
TL;DR: Gore might be optional, but the idea of making it optional might take programming time, which isn’t Thrive’s best point, and the manner in which gore will be implemented is also still under consideration (e.g. will the organs be simulated perfectly to allow the game to always know which attacks will hit which bodyparts, or will processing power be more important). How non-gore mode would look is also still open for discussion (For example, how will removed limbs look? Will they just look like a stump or like a crippled limb in the Fallout games (the 3D-ones, in the older ones they don’t have a visual at all))


Solution: blood color!
A nice shade of green or purple would make disemboweling your prey exciting and colorful


That’s scientific too.

Yes, FBI, these people right here


How about yellow or blue blood?

Isn’t blood color based on what is in your blood (red is iron, blue is copper, green is chlorocruorin), I wonder if you could develop these by what kind of creature you make.


I would love a kind of nomadic civilization that harvest materials and resources from other worlds for their own gain, and they have a kind of yellowish black skin colour and bleed chorocruorin.

Are there pros and cons for blood color?

The colour is a side effect of what molecules the blood uses to carry oxygen. Red is from hemoglobin, which is based on iron, if I remember correctly. I don’t have time to research this now but I would think that there are at least some differences in efficiency.

If the differences are large then it might be very beneficial to just go for hemoglobin and basically all species in thrive would have red blood, though there are species on earth like the horseshoe crab that has blue blood.

@Spode u learn biochemistry how different are different blood colors?

why I would love green blood
thrive wants to be realistic why no colored blood

“Most hemocyanins bind with oxygen non-cooperatively and are roughly one-fourth as efficient as hemoglobin at transporting oxygen per amount of blood.”

So you’ll have red blood unless you want a permanent debuff (1/4 as efficient as hemoglobin) from the type of blood you chose (unless you are crustacean…).


I’m going to be shrimp then(they are crustaceans)

Regarding to shrimps AND bloodshed: