Religions (How they'll form + their effects)

This was a rather cool thing for me to think about; your little city of strange creatures forming their own culture and their own religion, and possibly behaving differently according to them. So that got me thinking…how would your creatures’ religion form, and how much would it affect game play?

Will they form by you manually starting a religion and selecting various aspects of said religion, or will they just form on their own over time? Will they give boosts of some sort (Maybe boosts to military strength or production)?

Is it possible that problems will arise with religions, such as other cities not liking yours because they have a different religion that conflicts with yours? Perhaps some of the more ‘Extreme’ followers of a religion will form something similar to a cult and try to forcibly convert nonbelievers? There really is so much potential with this concept and I personally am excited to see what you’ll be able to do with it.

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Religion is gonna be traditions made in the tribe stage

I think you mean Awakening Stage

the research and inventions list on the wiki tells you alot (it tells you stuff you get in each society stage)

religions affect your population someway but you can build temples for said religion in your city