Religious shisms

Since there are no threads about this topic yet, why not start one?

As we all know the Christian church has split more than once (first the shism then the protestant) and it isn’t the only religion but maybe the most known about. Since this game will feature religions I think it would be a waste not to include the potential downsides aswell, for example how big impact different opinions actually can have (two popes excommunicating each other, for instance).


This could tie into the culture system too. As members as your species get further apart, some of their cultural ideas could diverge causing them to split off from their previous religion.


In civilization you can select a base of religious(god of fish or water?). I have 2 ideas to realize it.

  1. Archive of religious. All religious have some tags (#water, #hot and other possible). When the view is evolve, it gets tags and get its religious. All religious will have some pros and cons.
  2. Creating religious and use it. Player creates religious with its prod and cons and use it. If player wants, religious doesn’t have any pluses and minuses.

Schisms would depend on how the creature views religion. For example, a creature that seeks to understand their gods based on what they see from the gods, then schisms may be less likely, as everyone is likely to agree on most important issues surrounding the gods