Research and Inventions stuff

Noticed that there wasnt any specific topic about this and i didnt know where to put it so i put it here

Now im just wondering how this Research and inventions stuff works and what kind of things are there in it like Do you have to do the triggers to get them or maybe at some point in the future be able to invest points or time to get any invention on the list (once you’ve unlocked the list of course) and secondly some of the list is missing stuff so would you be so kind as to explain? image Im counting the ??? effects too | I don’t know if this one and the one in the image are the same.
I think that there will be no points to use for unlock items (I didn’t found anything in the wiki).


I think the original plans were that when you get to Awakening, You “Research” By Interacting With Environment And I Think Once You “Research” Something(Like Record Keeping?) You Can Finally Choose What To “Research”.

The wiki is outdated though (though it does give an idea). Also, record keeping only makes the research web visible according to the wiki. You can then choose what you can try to research (E.G. you can see that boats requires you to travel a lot through water, so the best way to grind for it is to just run around in rivers), but it isn’t a case of ‘select a subject, in 1 hour it will be researched while you do something else’. You’d need cooperation in order to be able to assign someone to research or something.

If im not mistaken co operation only causes strategy mode to be unlocked and for you to be able to order members of your species around So yes it may allow research to be assigned