Retrofuturism, and futurism in thrive

Can there be retrofuturism in later stages of thrive, such as cyberpunk(basically a cybery neon future), or steampunk(the future of 1890), or more obscure derivatives of cyberpunk such as clockpunk, or atompunk?

For example, if a society advances towards VR technology and the metaverse, they might end up with cyberpunk, or if they advance in the direction of steam engines, and advanced mechanics, they may end up with steampunk.

I see a large amount of people asking ‘can there be (blank) in thrive?’ I recommend that before you ask this type of question, you first ask yourself ‘Does this require specific work?’ ie. plant civs. If the answer is no, then the feature will be in thrive. If no, then you should ask.

And to answer your question, I see no reason why cyberpunk etc. couldn’t be in thrive.


I mean you are assuming that cyberpunk is just the player designing things in a specific style. If we need custom gameplay mechanics or something, then it’s much less likely to be in the game.

I wouldnt consider the features of cyberpunk necessarily unique. It would most likely just be players designing things and picking up certain techs etc.

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Depends entirely on how much cyberpunk people want as I can imagine multiple really common tropes for it that would be technologies that we won’t be (once we get to that stage) in a hurry to add to the game.