Revert to previous mutation/Resign

Hello all, I just bought the game yesterday and am impressed with the dedication of the team, but am having some difficulties getting started.

Basically my problem is that at some point my design will be bad (too slow, consumes glucose faster than I can find it) but I cannot mutate out of the dead-end unless I reproduce, nor can I return to the previous mutation. So I lose, I lose, I lose and just keep losing because I cant fix my broken design. If that is the intention, that one wrong design loses you the game, they should add a resign button (voluntary extinction) and if its not intentional why not allow me to play as the previous mutation? maybe for a cost of population.

Even worse is when you have thylakoids and you get pushed back to the depths where there is no light, obviously your design will do worse there and it was already doing bad.

Any help? :sweat_smile: Sorry if this has been asked already.


Did you keep the auto save feature on? If you did you can go back two editor cycles by loading an earlier save. If that’s not enough it’s possible to customize the number of auto saves to keep even older saves.

I’ve been thinking about adding a tutorial in the game pointing this out to people:


I didnt think of returning to a previous save, thats what I’d call “save scumming”

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In Thrive saving is possible at any time and going back to older saves is completely intended. We could spend hours on new features in all stages designed to allow the player to get back to a previous state, which is basically the same as loading a save, or we could just tell people that they can load older saves.