Revolutionary Games Studio ≠ Thrive!

What’s going to happen when thrive is completed and then we want to work on a new project, we still have the same domain, I would suggest to move thrive related entities to or something(Maybe with patreon money?)

This should be reviewed by @hhyyrylainen, (And he could contact the great master mind behind Revolutionary Games Studio)

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We are like decades away from Thrive being “complete” even then there is reason to keep things going as new operating system versions, screen resolutions will require changes to keep the game alive and well.

I’m too lazy to dig it up, but I think in some FAQ it’s said that if Thrive ever were to be complete, the active team at the time would decide if they want to work on a new project together or not.


I actually don’t think there will ever be a time where we say «Everything that could have been done has been done. It is finished.». There will always be stuff to add, to fix and to change.
Thrive offers, in theory, innumerable ways in which it could be expanded.


Software always has to be maintained since there will always be bugs. Sure, we could all stop working and think up of a complete masterplan to make the perfect program with no bugs, yet it wouldn’t be efficient. That’s why we continue working, dealing with each bug and maintaining the program.

maybe when Thrive will be finished Revolutionary Games Studio will be big enough to both work on thrive patchs and on another game?

that’s what i was saying

And in some alternate universe, Roadkillguy returns with the aware stage completed and Thrive becomes mainstream to the point where skilled indie devs join…

Notch procceds to become a developer and makes everything pixel art with out permission.