Rise - Alien Societies Game

Hello, and welcome to Rise! A forum game that will be run by yours truly.


This game will revolve around controlling a society via the use of action points.
An action point is used to perform actions. Actions are performed every round and can even take more than a single round to complete.
Action points can even be stacked on a single action to increase the success chance and speed up progress.
Your total number of action points every round depends on the population and efficiency of your society.

For every action point you place on an action, a d20 is rolled for success.
Low numbers can cause accidents to occur or even cause lost progress. High numbers will give good progress and possibly provide boons for your nation.

Actions dealing with your armies are handled with war points.
The total war points you have during a round is equal to half your action points plus your military strength modifier.
There is also something called war score. The better you are doing in a war, the higher your war score. The higher your war score, the higher your power during the negotiations after the war is over.
If your war score reaches zero, your nation will be forced to surrender and will have no power during the negotiations.

Random events can also trigger during rounds. These events can range anywhere between a cultural renaissance to urban myths and conspiracies to even global disasters.

“But what really makes this forum game special,” I hear you wonder. “What really makes Rise any different from the run of the mill nation leading forum game that we have grown so accustomed to?”
Well I’m glad you asked! In Rise, each player will create their own sapient species to make up their society! Your own species crafted to your own specifications.
Whether that happens to be a herd run by queens with near mindless drones, a race with 4 genders and a complex pattern of reproduction, or a semi-aquatic biped that must lay eggs underwater is completely up to you, so long as it lies within the boundaries of realism.
But be forewarned, however your creature is made could drastically slow your progress or lower your chances to do certain actions successfully.

I will be accepting a total of 5 players into the game. If you request to join, please describe your species with their strengths, weaknesses, and the kind of environment they would reside in. Remember, be descriptive!
I’ll wait until 5 people join or a week passes before I start the game off.

@Svrangite - Ocilayad
@QuantumCrab - Scraar
@BowlDawg - Pei Falso
@PositiveTower - Smitzlerz
@serialkiller - Saif

Waiting List


Nice, a new forum game.
(I’ll work on this more once i get back)
Species Name: Ocilayad (O-Csyl-Ayd)

Description: Ocilayad’s Possess 8 Spindly long legs, 4 Clawed arms and a lobster-like cephalothorax that stands upright like a raptor.
Their skull shape resembles that of a emu, but possessing Fennec fox like ears and 4 lobster like eyes on the sides of their head. They have a long thick tail that is used for balance.
Their whole body is covered with bright multi-colored feathers. They average at 1.9 meters in height and are Herbivores.
They possess three genders, The first Gender is Adoteur which are born with eggs inside them, once they come of age they then transfer the eggs to the second gender with 6 tentacles which are stored inside their belly.
The Second Gender is Adoemo Which receive the eggs from 6 conduits on their back and then fertilize them, they then transfer the fertile eggs to the third gender with 6 tentacles.
The third gender is Adoreath which receive the fertile eggs from the conduits on their back and then grow and birth them. They do not have tentacles.


“a race with 4 genders and a complex pattern of reproduction” Brilliant

Name: Scraar (Scr-ah)

Description: A Hivemind consisting of worker Scraar (Da’Scraar, medium sized creatures that create the underground tunnels that the scraar inhabit), soldier Scraar (Te’Scraar, large hulking creatures that protect the hivemind from outside threats) and drone Scraar (Mer’Scraar, smaller, weaker but faster versions of the worker scraar). The hivemind is led by one hyper-intelligent queen, known as Far’Scraar. The Da’Scraar are the size of humans, the Te’Scraar twice the size of humans, the Te’Scraar half the height of humans, and the Far’Scraar is many times the size of a human. They possess one gender. They are omnivores.


Is there any way you could elaborate on the reproduction of the Scraar, specifically involving the creation of new queens and hives?
It would be helpful to know details like this, otherwise I’ll just have to fill in the blanks myself when necessary.

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Fair enough lol,
due to their lack of gender, they reproduce assexually. Only the queen does this of course, and gives birth to the other Scraar. When the time comes for the Far’Scraar to reproduce and create another colony, they give birth to a juvenile Far’Scraar that is able to move, and leaves the colony in the company of some drones.


Name: Pei Falso

Description: A large, slug like race that have stubby arms in front of them for grasping or faster mobility. They are asexual, growing longer tails that eventually fall off and become a young Pei Falso. A full grown adult can reach the size of 4 feet long and 1.2 feet high. Their diet consists of a usual slug diet, and usually live in more humid areas.


Desciption:they are shorter compared to humans because they live on a bigger planet,but this planet is dry so herbivores are rare on land,due to that they are carnivores,they have digestion that could digest any meat,they rarely play the diplomatic game due to their agressiveness and they have 2 genders.

Sorry, but no robo boys.

But robot slaves and armies are good?

If you can manage to get that level of technology, then sure.

I am sorry if this wasn’t clear, but all of the players will be on the same planet, and that planet is already set.
You’re welcome to reside in a dry climate, though.

Okay sure and double post and i will propaly have all the oil

Can we get more details about the planet? i dont’t want to make a tropical species only to discover theirs no tropics in this world.

The planet will be rather Earth like in size and climates. There are tropics as well as mountains, deserts, arctics, the whole package.

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Are there secret aliens societies?

Is there? :wink:

Can I reserve me a spot for later ?
I’ll add a civ description later if it’s OK

Edit: here’s my description:

Name: Saif

This race is perfectly adapted to survive in the desert. They are slightly larger than humans. To survive the heat - sometimes with weeks without water and food- they build structures underground with only small windows on the surface. They are rather weak and slow but make up for it by taming a large variety of animals. Their cities consist of many underground houses and large cold building on the surface where most markets and shops are.

Their cities are usually close to large bodies of water like lakes or coasts, but due to their resistance to heat they can also live in the middle of the hostile desert.

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A new forum game? Something new to do.
I hope I’m not too late.

Name: Kliklel

The Kliklel are a race of subterranean humanoids resembling salamanders.
They are amphibious, being able to breathe in air and clean water (they can’t breathe murky or salty water), and need to keep their skin wet (Or risk drying up). They have no eyes and echolocate (or communicate) by making clicking noises that they hear with a cobra-like hood. They typically stand at around 4-5 feet, but usually crawl lower to the ground. They have an omnivorous diet due to scarcity of food. They reproduce completely asexually, laying eggs that require water (though the young that come out can breathe air immediately). Lastly, their skin color ranges from white, to pale pink, to very light blue.

I would assume their history starts at accessing the surface.

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Updated my post, is there anything i need to change or is it all good?

yes you are