Welcome to the Ro-Bio forum game! This is a forum game based off a simple game made in Roblox that was shut down, and yes, it was originally called Ro-Bio.

OBJECTIVE AND GAMEPLAY: In Ro-Bio, you must research and use viruses to let Ro-Bio Inc. rule the world! Whoever finds the most effective virus wins the round. Viruses given from the Virus Generator start as a Rank 3 virus. Ranks are classified by how many symptoms a virus has, a Rank 1 virus only has one symptom, a Rank 2 virus only has 2 symptoms, and so on. The rank limit is Rank 3. Symptoms can only be discovered when the virus is injected into a patient. Once a virus’ symptoms have been discovered, you may name the virus. Virus symptoms occur in an orderly fashion, going from first to last, when listed as such. Blood can only be collected after patient’s symptoms are discovered. Each turn a player has can have up to 3 actions. Turn actions will be recorded every so often to manage storage of viruses, let players know what their virus symptoms are, etc.




Scientist 1’s Locker: virus 1, virus 2, virus 3, virus 4, virus 5, virus 6

Scientist 2’s Locker: nothing in all six slots

Scientist 3’s Locker: Biggey Sploddey, Biggey Sploddey (copy), virus 3

Scientist 4’s Locker: nothing in all six slots


Scientist 1: Injected a virus into a patient, has discovered its following symptoms: Skin color turns black, gets blonde, curly hair, and becomes friendly. He also got a cup of coffee from the Coffee Machine.

Scientist 2: Collects blood from infected patient. He then filters it in the Blood Filter

Scientist 3: Names his virus the following name: Biggey Sploddey. He then duplicates Biggey Sploddey, then puts both copies into his locker.

Scientist 4: Turns the virus The Dominator to staff, staff will look into things.

As a scientist working for Ro-Bio Inc. you are given things to work with in the lab: Injector, Virus Generator, Cell Block, Locker, Public Virus Storage, Blood Filter, Virus Separator, Virus Duplicator, Virus Combiner, and Coffee Machine.

Item Functions:

Injector: Injects and extracts viruses and blood from patients. Is held by the scientist at all times. Is easily movable.

Virus Generator: Generates a random virus for scientists to use. Can only be used once per turn. Is a large machine, so it cannot be moved.

Cell Block: Spawns, holds, and kills patients. Only one patient can be in a cell at a time. a Cell Block is given to every scientist. Is a structure that is a part of the lab, so it cannot be moved.

Locker: Holds up to six viruses. A Locker is given to every scientist. Can only be opened by the scientist given the locker. Lockers are bolted into the wall so they cannot be moved.

Public Virus Storage: Holds up to 20 viruses. Can be used by all scientists. Scientists may take (steal) any virus inside the Public Virus Storage. Is a room attached to the lab, so it cannot be moved.

Blood Filter: Filters patients blood to get the used virus from it. Is a large machine, so it cannot be moved

Virus Separator: Separates a viruses symptoms into other viruses, such as turning a Rank 3 virus into seperate Rank 1 viruses, keeping the original virus’ symptoms apart. You cannot put Rank 1 viruses inside it. Is a large machine, so it cannot be moved.

Virus Duplicator: Makes exact duplicates of viruses. Can only be used once per turn. Is a large machine, so it cannot be moved.

Virus Combiner: Combines viruses into one with more symptoms. You can put up to three Rank 1 viruses inside. You cannot put Rank 2 or Rank 3 viruses inside. Is a large machine, so it cannot be moved.

Coffee Machine: Makes coffee. Is a small machine that fits on a table, so it can be moved a little.


  1. You may not double post to cheat and get more actions

  2. Keep actions simple, but not vague (example of too complex: Gather the Biggey Sploddey virus from my locker, then inject it into a patient. if you have something like this, try seperating it into seperate actions) (example of too vague: Run Around. you need to state where you are running around at, to keep track of where you are.)

  3. Only one turn per round update, unless given permission. (round updates are given frequently, so don’t worry on that front)

  4. Turns are always in order, so choose when you take your turn wisely.

  5. To try to win a round, one of your actions must be to turn your virus to staff. Status of what happens is given in the round update afterwards.

  6. Get creative with your actions! the game will allow for quite a bit of freedom for what you can do, say if you wanted one of your actions to be to punch another player, go for it :wink:

WORDS FROM BOWLDAWG: please leave feedback in double parentheses, like this ((I have several questions)) so we dont get confused with actual gameplay. rules can be subject to change, as inconsistencies can be brought up.

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Ayy a new forum game, neat.

Action 1: Use virus generator
Action 2: Look at patient in cell block
Action 3: Get coffee (Black)

Might as well pitch in so this thread doesn’t die already.

Action 1: Use virus generator
Action 2: Use virus duplicator
Action 3: Put copies inside locker

Also made a typo saying that the virus duplicator could only be used once per round instead of once per turn, whoops! went ahead and fixed that.

Action: Make Coffee
Action 2: Make More Coffee
Action 3: Make Even More Coffee

Action 1: Make coffee.
Action 2: Use a virus generator.
Action 3: Spill coffee on someone.



@Svrangite: Used the virus generator, then looks at his future victim at the cell block, getting coffee afterwards.

@BowlDawg: Used the virus generator, then duplicating the unkown virus, putting both copies into his locker.

@Evolution4Weak: Wastes a good 4 dollars of coffee.

@AgentTine: Makes coffee, then using the virus generator. Spills coffee on someone, that someone being himself.


Agentine: empty

BowlDawg: unkown virus, unkown virus (copy)

Evolution4Weak: empty

Svrangite: empty

Public Virus Storage:

Action 1: Store All The Coffee In The Locker
Action 2:Make Coffee
Action 3: Give Coffee To Patient

Action 1: Make coffee
Action 2: Knock over the coffee table
Action 3: Spill red hot coffee onto patient.

Action 1: Duplicate virus
Action 2: Store duplicate in locker
Action 3: Inject subject with virus

Action 1: Try to calm everyone the heck down about coffee

Action 2: Use one of my copies of my virus on a patient

Action 3: Clean the giant coffee mess



@Evolution4Weak: Hoards all the coffee in his locker, then proceeds to brew some coffee and give a cup to his patient.

@AgentTine: Makes some more coffee, then riots by knocking the coffee table over and spilling coffee on his patient.

@Svrangite: Duplicates his virus, storing the duplicate in his locker. He then injects his virus into his patient, discovering its following sypmtoms: Patient becomes irritable, grows blue boils around the right arm, then gets about two feet taller.

@BowlDawg: Tries to calm everyone the heck down about coffee, then uses one of his copies of his virus on a patient, discovering the following symptoms: Vomits a purple toxin, becomes too weak to move, then has a weird craving for coffee. He then cleans up the coffee mess.


Agentine: empty

BowlDawg: unknown virus

Evolution4Weak: Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Svrangite: unknown virus

Public Virus Storage:


Action 1: Make coffee.
Action 2: Steal some of Evolution’s coffee.

Action 1: name virus: Coffee Fever
Action 2: buy some more coffee
Action 3: refill the coffee maker

Action 1: Punch @AgentTine Coffee
Action 2: Make Coffee Again
Action 3: Make Coffee Again Again

Action 1: Destroy the coffee machine

Action 2: Separate my virus into three

Action 3: Store in locker



@AgentTine: nothing really special besides picking the lock on Evolution4Weaks locker and stole his coffee (this “picking lock” thing will be a joke and is against what the locker is for, so try not to joke around too much)

@BowlDawg: names his virus Coffee Fever, then does some coffee related errands.

@Evolution4Weak: more coffee belgium related stuff

@Svrangite: [first action ignored as it removes an item or something else important to the game] Seperates his unkown virus into three seperated symptoms, then stores all three in his locker.


Agentine: empty

BowlDawg: Coffee Fever(R3)

Evolution4Weak: empty

Svrangite: unknown virus(R1), unknown virus(R1), unknown virus(R1)

Public Virus Storage:



from now on i will be listing the viruses as (R1),(R2),(R3) for all the ranks so we dont get confused with what rank it is.

Action 1: Use virus generator
Action 2: Use virus duplicator
Action 3: Store the copies of the virus

Action 1: Make Coffee
Action 2:Use Virus Generator
Action 3:Pour Coffee In The Virus
((How Long Is A Turn?))

((I usually say at least a few minutes, because the original Ro-Bio on Roblox wasnt really fast paced either.)

Action 1:Use Virus Generator
Action 2: Duplicate
Action 3: Store